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    Opening General Session

Welcome and Introductions.
Anne Dorrance, The Ohio State University

Status of Soybean Rust in the Midsouthern United States.
Tom Allen, Mississippi State University.

Status of Soybean Rust in Brazil.
Dr. Francisco Xavier Ribeiro do Vale (Chico), Federal University of Viçosa.

Integration of Foliar Fungicides into Soybean Rust Management Programs in the United States.
Ed Sikora, Auburn University.

Light Penetration into the Soybean Canopy and Its Influence on Soybean Rust Infection.
Jim Marois, University of Florida.

Changes in 2010 Sentinel Plot System.
Don Hershman, University of Kentucky.

    General Session:
    Major Achievements in Rust Research
    Moderator: David Wright

Latent Infection, Fungicide Efficacy and the Need for Predictive Models.
Ray Schneider, Louisiana State University.

Advances in Predictive Modeling.
Scott Isard, Pennsylvania State University

Cloning, Mapping and Identification of Rpp Genes.
Michelle Graham, USDA-ARS

Genetic Diversity in Kudzu.
Phil Harmon, University of Florida

Asian Soybean Rust: Stealth Fighter and Battering Ram.
Steve Whitham, Iowa State University

Advances in Monoclonal Antibody Development.
Doug Luster, USDA-ARS

    General Session:
    Challenges to Managing Soybean Rust
    Moderator: Leonor Leandro

Challenges with Single Gene Resistance.
Chris Mundt, Oregon State University

Use and Deployment of Rpp Genes.
Chris Mundt, Oregon State University

Changes in Performance of Soybean Rust Fungicides Over Years and New Management Strategies Adopted in Brazil.
Claudia Godoy, EMBRAPA

Rust Phylogenetics.
Cathy Aime, Louisiana State University

Genetic Diversity and Phylogeny of Asian Soybean Rust Isolates within the U.S. and Abroad.
Xuecheng Zhang, University of Missouri

Identification and Development of Soybean Rust-resistant Germplasm.
David Walker, USDA-ARS

    General Session:
    Advances in Soybean Rust Modeling
    Moderator: Saratha Kumudini

Tales from the Kudzu Patch.
Ed Sikora, Auburn University

Wheat Rust/Soybean Rust Similarities.
Eric DeWolf, Kansas State University

Strategic Positioning of Sentinel Plots.
Karen Garrett, Kansas State University

Strategic Positioning of Sentinel Plots.
Scott Isard, Pennsylvania State University

Evaluating the Wisdom of Monitoring Networks for Invasive Species: The Case of Soybean Rust.
Stephen Aultman, University of Minnesota

The “New” Disease in Texas after Four Years: Where It’s Going.
Tom Isakeit, Texas A&M University

A Model for Predicting Soybean Rust Induced Yield Loss.
Saratha Kumudini, University of Kentucky

Alternative Methods to Manage Soybean Rust.
David Wright, University of Florida

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