Soybean Rust News

 Rust in Florida, 14 January 2008.

 Asian Soybean Rust in the USA - 2007 Final Report, 21 December 2007.

 Case of Soy Rust Confirmed in Ontario, 16 November 2007.

 Researchers Confirm Asian Soybean Rust in 14 Iowa Counties, 5 November 2007.

 Soybean Rust Confirmed in Indiana, 17 October 2007.


 Deadlines for 2007 National Soybean Rust Symposium Fast Approaching, 17 October 2007.

 First Soybean Rust Ever Found in Nebraska, 5 October 2007.


 Soybean Rust Found in Central Iowa: Dallas County, 28 September 2007

 Asian Soybean Rust Discovered in Kansas, 21 September 2007.


 Rust Found in Multiple States, 17 September 2007.


 Rust Located in Arkansas, Georgia, 4 September 2007.


 Soybean Rust Found in Mississippi, 14 August 2007.

 Six New Parishes in Louisiana Have Soybean Rust on Soybeans, 9 August 2007.


 Soybean Rust Confirmed in North-Central OK, in AR and FL Counties, 6 August 2007.

 First Asian Soybean Rust in Oklahoma Infects Two SE Counties, 26 July 2007.

 First Soybean Rust of 2007 Found in SW Arkansas, 23 July 2007.

 Soybean Rust Found in Five North Texas Counties Near Dallas, 20 July 2007.

 Soybean Rust Moves North into Burleson County, Texas, 16 July 2007.

 Soy Rust Found in Mississippi, Texas, 12 July 2007.


 Rust Found on Florida Soybeans, 11 July 2007.

 Rust Found in Mobile Bay, Alabama, 28 June 2007.


 Soybean Rust Found in Commercial Field in SE Texas, 22 June 2007.

 Soybean Rust Hits Two Soybean Sentinel Plots in Central Louisiana, 21 June 2007.

 Soybean Rust Found on Commercial Soybeans in S. Texas, 15 June 2007.

 New Soybean Rust on Kudzu Found in LA Next to Soybean Field, 6 June 2007.

 Asian Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Liberty County, Texas, 3 June 2007.


 Fear of Soybean Rust in Iowa Withers, Officials Say, 22 May 2007.

 IA Officials Find No More Soybean Rust Evidence; Feds Investigate Origin of Infected Leaf, 21 May 2007.

 Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Louisiana; More Expected, 11 May 2007.

 2007 National Soybean Rust Symposium to be Held in Louisville, KY, 4 May 2007.

 Pasco County, Fla. Finds Rust, 2 May 2007.


 Asian Soybean Rust Confirmed on Iowa Soybean Plant Tissue, 13 March 2007.

 Soybean Rust Found in Texas' Southern Tip, 16 February 2007.

Soyrust Found in Two More Georgia Counties, 14 February 2007.


 More Rust Found in Florida, 12 February 2007.

 January Surprise: Soybean Rust Now Found in Georgia, 18 January 2007.

 Rust Survives in Alabama, 10 January 2007.

 Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Four FL Counties; First of 2007, 5 January 2007.

 More Asian Soybean Rust Discovered In Brazil, 15 December 2006.

 U.S. Soybean Rust Tally Rises to 252 Counties, 8 November 2006.

Twenty-six New Soybean Rust Counties in Last 30 Hours, 24 October 2006.

 First Soybean Rust of 2006 Hits Seven Counties in Arkansas, 19 October 2006.


 Indiana, Tennessee Join States with Soybean Rust Infections, 18 October 2006.

 NAPDFC Announces it Will End all Forecast Operations Effective Friday, 18 October 2006.


Missouri Finds First Soybean Rust of 2006, in Bootheel, 17 October 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in Southern IL, 13 October 2006.

 Soybean Rust Hits 7 KY Counties, Northernmost Rust in U.S., 11 October 2006.

 More Soybean Rust Found in FL, LA Soybeans, 10 October 2006.


 More Soybean Rust on Soybeans, Kudzu in GA, NC, 7 October 2006.

 Big Week for Soybean Rust: 18 New Counties in Six States in Seven Days, 4 October 2006.


 New Soybean Rust Found in LA Field, SC Sentinel Plot, 25 September 2006.


 SC Finds Soybean Rust in Two Commercial Fields in Aiken County, 22 September 2006.

 Three Georgia Counties Have New Soybean Rust Infections on Kudzu, 7 September 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in Jackson County in SE Mississippi, 6 September 2006.

 Rust Found on Soy in Colquitt Co., Ga., 5 September 2006.


 Rust Found in Orangeburg, S.C., 31 August 2006.

 Asian Soybean Rust Found in Texas Soybeans, 28 August 2006.

 Asian Soybean Rust on Beans in Louisiana, 23 August 2006.

 Soybean Rust on Beans in South Carolina, 22 August 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Liberty County, Texas, 20 August 2006.

 Rust Found on Sentinel Plot in Baldwin County, Alabama, 16 August 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in Two More Louisiana Counties, 16 August 2006.

 New Rust Find in Northwest Louisiana, 15 August 2006.


 Georgia Confirms Soybean Rust on Soybeans in Tift County, 7 August 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in Three Sentinel Plots in Gadsden County, FL, 25 July 2006.

 Soybean Rust Alert: Finding In Georgia, 24 July 2006.


 Iberia Parish, LA, Soybean Rust Find in Kudzu Second in State, 10 July 2006.

 Rust in Georgia Sentinel Plot, 10 July 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in Louisiana, 3 July 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found in AL Soybeans; Some AL, GA Growers Told to Spray, 30 June 2006.

 Asian Soybean Rust Found in Georgia, 27 June 2006.


 First Rust on Soybeans this Year Found in Southeast Florida, 16 June 2006.

 Brazil Soy Farmers Use Biotech Seeds to Fight Pests, Rust, 9 June 2006.

 PCR Assay Demonstrated as Reliable Method of Early Asian Soybean Rust Detection, 6 June 2006.

 USDA Provides Documentation Tools to Assist Producers with Asian Soybean Rust Prevention and Control, 5 June 2006.

 Damaging Soybean Rust Found in Mexican Soybean Seed-bean Fields, 26 May 2006.

 Asian Soybean Rust Discovered in Texas Spore Trap, 25 May 2006.

 Rust Outbreak Surprises Mexican Soybean Growers, 25 May 2006.

 Soybean Rust Active Again on Kudzu in Northern Florida, 17 May 2006.

 Marois of FL Says Disease Triangle in Place for Robust Rust Development, 17 May 2006.

 ASA Offers New Mobile Soybean Rust Alert Service to Growers, 10 May 2006.


 USDA Soybean Rust Site Now "PIPE" Site for Rust and Aphids, 2 May 2006.

 Soybean Rust Sentinel Plots Going in Early in Iowa, 28 April 2006.


 USDA Releases Soybean Rust Detection Report for 2005, 3 April 2006.

 USDA Changes Rust Map, 28 March 2006.

 Agriculture Production: USDA Needs to Build on 2005 Experience to Minimize the Effects of Asian Soybean Rust in the Future, 21 March 2006.


 Three New Soybean Rust Finds, 3 March 2006.

 Dates for the 2006 National Soybean Rust Symposium Announced, 1 March 2006.

 Rust Found in Texas, 23 February 2006.

 Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Two Alabama Counties, 21 February 2006.

 First Official Report of Asian Soybean Rust in Mexico, 17 February 2006.

 More Rust Spores Found in Rain, 13 February 2006.

 Culvert Protects Georgia Soybean Rust, 13 February 2006.

 Rust Survives Winter in South States, 01 February 2006.


 Soybean Rust Found in Kudzu Patch in S. Georgia, 31 January 2006.

 Soybean Checkoff Approves Sentinel Plots to Continue Fight Against Rust, 24 January 2006.


 Soybean Rust Spores Made it to Minnesota, 17 January 2006.

 Nine Florida Counties Positive for Rust on Kudzu Last Week, 17 January 2006.


 Several Green Kudzu Patches Infected in AL; 1st Rust in Mobile County This Year, 27 December 2005.

 Georgia Researchers Share Rust Trial Results, 20 December 2005.

 Soybean Rust Found in Kentucky for First Time, 17 December 2005.

 Findings from the National Soybean Rust Symposium Now Available, 8 December 2005.

 First Soybean Rust Found in Kentucky on Kudzu, 19 November 2005.

 Five S.C. Counties Found to have Rust in Multiple Fields and Plots, 14 November 2005.

 First Soybean Rust Ever Found in Texas Is on Kudzu Near Dayton, 10 November 2005.

 USDA Expands National Soybean Rust Risk Management Tool, 10 November 2005.

 More Soybean Rust Discovered in North Carolina, 7 November 2005.

 GA Finds 1st Soybean Rust on Florida Beggar Weed in U.S., 5 November 2005.

 More Rust in North Carolina, 3 November 2005.


 Louisiana Reports its First Soybean Rust of 2005, 31 October 2005.

 South Carolina Adds to Soybean Rust Tally with 3 More Counties, 29 October 2005.

 First-ever Rust Found in N. Carolina -- Five Counties Positive, 28 October 2005.


 SC Reports 9 New Rust Counties; Some Fields 50-percent Defoliated, 28 October 2005.

 USDA to Expand Soybean Rust Tracking and Management Projects, 27 October 2005.


 Brazil Finds Asian Rust In 2005-06 Soy Crop, 26 October 2005.

 Ten New Counties with Soybean Rust Detected in Alabama, 24 October 2005.

 National Soybean Rust Symposium to be Held in Nashville, 17 October 2005.


 Rust on Kudzu Makes Calhoun County 27th with Rust in GA, 17 October 2005.

 Polk County Is 26th with Soybean Rust in Georgia, 16 October 2005.

 Soybean Rust Found in Macon County, AL, Research Plot, 12 October 2005.

 Georgia Counties Dougherty and Floyd Positive for Soybean Rust, 11 October 2005.

 Pickens County, SC, Soybean Rust Pushes Disease Border North, 11 October 2005.

 Horry County, SC, Positive for Rust, Despite Extended Drought, 4 October 2005.


 Georgia Adds Taylor County to Positive Rust List; 20th in State, 1 October 2005.

 Before-and-After Photos Bring Soybean Rust Damage into Focus, 1 October 2005.


 Fourth GA County with Soybean Rust This Week: Johnson, 21 September 2005.

 Soybean Rust Found in Lanier County, GA, Field, 20 September 2005.


 GA Reports Soybean Rust in Two Terrell County Commercial Fields, 19 September 2005.


 Alabama Finds Soybean Rust in Two New Counties, 12 September 2005.

 Soybean Rust Moves North to Calhoun County, South Carolina, 7 September 2005.


 Second S.C. County, Barnwell, Found to Have Soybean Rust, 2 September 2005.

 AL Has 13 Counties with Rust with New Find in Chilton County, 2 September 2005.

 Soybean Rust Confirmed in Pike and 11 Other Counties, 1 September 2005.

 Soybean Rust in FL County, 31 August 2005.

 Hurricane Katrina to Move Soybean Rust Spores to the MW and NE U.S., S. Ontario and Quebec, 30 August 2005.


 GA Has New Soybean Rust in Spalding, Tattnall Counties, 30 August 2005.

 Experts Deny Report of Soybean Rust Discovery, 26 August 2005.


 Soybean Rust in Calhoun County, FL; Katrina Worrisome, 26 August 2005.

 Hurricane Katrina Could Spread Soybean Rust, 26 August 2005.


 Six New Alabama Counties Positive for Asian Soybean Rust, 25 August 2005.

 GA Officials Expect Rust in All State Fields after Two New Finds in Clarke and Grady Counties, 24 August 2005.

 First Commercial Field with Rust in GA, 24 August 2005.


 Rust Now in Central Alabama, 23 August 2005.

 First Soybean Rust-like Spores in State Found in SE Virginia, 19 August 2005.


 Find in Talladega Cty, AL, Is Farthest North and West Soybean Rust Has Spread to Date, 19 August 2005.

 Georgia Now Has Rust in Plains in Sumter County, 19 August 2005.

 First Rust Found in S.C. Commercial Field; Furthest North Yet, 15 August 2005.

 Rust in Another Three FL Counties - Nine Total This Week, 12 August 2005.


 Baldwin County, AL, Has Rust in Five Commercial Fields, 11 August 2005.


 Three New Florida Counties have Rust in Soybean Sentinel Plots, 10 August 2005.

 Rust Found in Escambia County, AL, Sentinel Plot on Monday, 9 August 2005.

 ALERT: Three New FL Counties with Rust on Kudzu; Madison County Is First to have Rust in a Grower Field, 8 August 2005.


 Florida, Mississippi Find Soy Rust, 5 August 2005.

 Two New GA Finds, 3rd in Tift and 1st in Laurens County, 5 August 2005.

 No Rust in Illinois, 3 August 2005.

 ALERT: Rust Found in Sunbelt Expo Plot in Colquitt County, GA, 27 July 2005.

 Rust on the Move, 26 July 2005.

 A Few More Spores Found in Franklin County, Tenn., Spore Trap, 21 July 2005.


 ALERT: Georgia Scouts Find Rust on Kudzu in Decatur County Near Florida, 21 July 2005.

 Hurricanes Bring Need for Stepped-up Soybean Rust Scouting, 20 July 2005.

 Soy Rust Spreads in Georgia, 19 July 2005.

 ALERT: First Rust on Soybeans in FL Found; Growers Told to Spray, 19 July 2005.


 Soybean Rust Moves Across the South, 19 July 2005.

 Asian Soybean Rust Found in Georgia Sentinel Plot, July 18, 2005

 ALERT: Sample from GA Sentinel Plot Positive for Soybean Rust, July 18, 2005

 ALERT: Rust found in commercial soybean field in Baldwin County, AL, 14 July 2005.

 New technology kills Asian Rust spores on contact and increases yield by 23% to 39%, 12 July 2005.

 Hurricane Dennis could bring soybean rust with wind, rain to Midwest, 8 July 2005.


 Rust Spores Found in Kentucky, 8 July 2005.

 Kentucky reporting 10 rust spores in trap; first in commonwealth, 7 July 2005.

 ALERT: Rust found on kudzu in third north-central FL county: Gadsden, 7 July 2005.

 Rust Spores Found in Tennessee, 7 July 2005.

 Soybean rust-like spores found in W. Tennessee spore trap, 7 July 2005.


 Suspicious Spores Found in Second Alabama Sentinel Plot Trap, 1 July 2005.


Some AL Growers Told to "Strongly Consider" Spraying Beans in Bloom, 30 June 2005.


 ALERT: Rust Now on Soybeans in Three States: AL, GA and FL, 30 June 2005.


 Sixth County in Florida has Soybean Rust on Kudzu, 29 June 2005.

 Rust-Like Spores Trapped in Northeast LA Soybean Field, 22 June 2005.

Plant Pathologists Address Next Steps in Combating Soybean Rust, 22 June 2005.


 New Soybean Rust Found on Kudzu in Fifth Florida County, 15 June 2005.

 Rust-Find Rumors Follow Stormy Weekend; Specialists Say None True, 14 June 2005.

USDA Adds Forecast Section to Soybean Rust Website, 10 June 2005.

 More Rust Found on Volunteer Soybeans in Two Georgia Counties, 2 June 2005.


 Headline SBR Fungicide Gains Sec. 18s for Rust in 25 States, 2 June 2005.

Bayer to Supply Tebuconazole to DuPont for Soybean Rust in U.S., 1 June 2005.

 Sentinel Plots Stand Guard over Nation's Soybean Crops, 26 May 2005.

 USDA Seeks to Improve Rust Site with Map, Commentary Changes, 25 May 2005.

New Web Seminar on Soybean Aphids Set for June 22, 25 May 2005.


 WSU Moves to Patent Potential Soybean Rust Cure, 25 May 2005.

 Soybean Rust Updates from States, National Site, 23 May 2005.

NCSU Center May Drop Georgia Rust Site from Future Forecasts, 23 May 2005.


 Ag Secretary Approves $1.2 Million for Soybean Rust Network, 12 May 2005.

 Penn State Contributes Much to USDA Soybean Rust Website Technology, 9 May 2005.

F&N Tests Publishes Soybean Rust Fungicide Trial Results, 2 May 2005.


 First Biofungicide Registered for Soybean Rust on Organic Beans, 2 May 2005.

 Rust Widespread in Georgia Field, 27 April 2005.

 USDA Announces First Soybean Rust Find of 2005, 27 April 2005.

 USDA Posts Soybean-Rust "Coordinated Framework" Online, 25 April 2005.

 Asian Soybean Rust Warning System Launched, 25 April 2005.

 Free Soybean Rust Spray Guide Offered, 23 April 2005.

 Soybean Rust Tankmix?, 22 April 2005.

 Soybean Aphids Now Overwinter in Ohio, Not Just Migrate In, 21 April 2005.

 ASA Applauds USDA Work for Soybean Rust Monitoring, 20 April 2005.

 Get New Rust Fungicide Manual Online, 19 April 2005.

 Soybean Rust May Be on The Move, 19 April 2005.


 Iowa to Test State Rust Fast-Track System this Week, 19 April 2005.

  Ohio State on Aerial vs. Ground Application for Soybean Rust, 19 April 2005.

  Fungicides Don't Always Do Well in 'Mixed' Company, 15 April 2005.

  ISU Researcher Yang Coordinates U.S. Rust Early-Warning System, 14 April 2005.

 USDA Offers Soybean Rust Tracking Tools, 14 April 2005.

 Third County in Florida Has Soybean Rust on Kudzu, 11 April 2005.


 Mid-South Website for Tracking Soybean Rust Is Up, 8 April 2005.

 National Soybean Rust Symposium announced for November 15-16, 2005, 5 April 2005.


 Rapid Test Ready for Soybean Rust, 5 April 2005.

 EPA Amends Sec. 18s to Allow Maximum of Three vs. Two Applications for Soybean Rust, 4 April 2005.

 Rust Threat Curbs Soy Planting Nationwide, 3 April 2005.

 S. America's Case of Good Crop (Argentina), Bad Crop (Brazil), 31 March 2005.

 Soybean Plantings: Small Percentage Of Farmers Consider Asian Rust As Factor, 31 March 2005.


 USDA Announces Impact of Soybean Rust on Planting Decisions for the 2005 Season, 31 March 2005.


 Report of "Overwintering" Soybean Rust in Louisiana Not Accurate, 28 March 2005.


 Soybean Rust Monitoring News - Plots Up in TX; National Sentinel Plot Protocol, 24 March 2005.

 Agribusiness: Domark Section 18 for Asian Soybean Rust, 24 March 2005.

 New Rust on Florida Kudzu Likely "Continuing Infection" that Overwintered Locally, 22 March 2005.

 More Soybean Rust Found in Florida, 22 March 2005.


 First Rapid Test to Detect Soybean Rust Announced, 21 March 2005.

 Fungicide Ready if Soybean Rust Hits, 20 March 2005.


 Asian Soybean Rust Removed from USDA "Select Agent and Toxin" List, 18 March 2005.

 Sentinel Plot Network to Aid Early Detection of Soybean Rust, 16 March 2005.

 Meteorologist Plans Soybean Rust Forecasts, 16 March 2005.

 RMA Reminds Growers on Soybean Rust, 15 March 2005.

 Official USDA Soybean Rust Forecast Web Portal, Forecast Site Go Live, 15 March 2005.

 Brazilian Growers Facing More Sprays for Soybean Rust, 9 March 2005.

 Another Defense Against Soybean Rust, 7 March 2005.


 First Soybean Rust Forecast, 3 March 2005.

 Rust Watch Is About to Begin, 2 March 2005.

 Soy Rust Confirmed in Florida, 1 March 2005.

 First U.S. Soybean Rust Sample of 2005 Found on Overwintering Kudzu in Florida, 28 February 2005.

 Using Fungicides for Soybean Rust Requires Knowledge of Labelling, 21 February 2005.

 So Far, So Good for Asian Rust, 18 February 2005.


 Proper Spray Equipment, Technique Keys to Soybean Rust Control, 16 February 2005.

 2005 Will Be Year to Learn About Asian Soybean Rust, 11 February 2005.

 Scientists Watch for Signs of Overwintering Soybean Rust, 09 February 2005.

 Soybean Rust Warning System in the Works, 09 February 2005.


 Bumper Gains Section 18s for Soybean Rust, 07 February 2005.


 States EPA's Pesticide Program Ready For Soybean Rust Threat to Soybean Crop, 13 January 2005.

 Asian Rust Found For First Time In Argentina In 2004, 13 December 2004

 States States Infected by Wind-borne Soybean Fungus Rise to Nine, 2 December 2004.

• APHIS-USDA Soybean Rust News Updates,1 December 2004.


• Soybean Fungus Present In Arkansas, 22 November 2004.


• USDA Confirms Soybean Rust in United States, 10 November 2004.