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Poster Presentations

New York State preparedness and response plan for soybean rust.

Presenter: Gary C. Bergstrom, Cornell University
Coauthor(s): Mary E. McKellar, Cornell University. Carlos Dominguez, Cornell University. Karen Snover-Clift, Cornell University

New York State soybean production acreage, currently at about 175,000 acres, continues to increase due to development of local markets for oil and soy foods, as well as roasted beans that are fed to dairy cows. A comprehensive plan was developed by Cornell University in cooperation with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, APHIS-PPQ, and various grower and agribusiness groups to prepare New York soybean producers to protect their crop against Asian soybean rust. Producer education programs were held statewide, and 95 first detectors and 36 first detector educators received intensive training that entitled them to fee-waived submission of potential rust samples to the Cornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic. Soybeans in 10 sentinel plots across the state were scouted weekly during the 2005 growing season under the USDA research protocol; extension educator and agribusiness scouting efforts in additional locales augmented Cornell’s surveillance program. Monitoring of rainwater for rust spores by PCR assay continued through autumn. Communications and daily-updated information (including fungicide registrations and application guidelines) on soybean rust were coordinated through the NYS Soybean Rust Information Center (www.ppath.cornell.edu/soybeanrustny). A telephone hotline number was also advertised to field public inquiries on soybean rust. A Pennsylvania/New York regional satellite telecast is scheduled for January 12, 2006 to provide growers in the region with updates on soybean rust preparedness and management for 2006.

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