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Poster Presentations

The University of Uruguay and the national plan for rust soybean surveillance.

Presenter: Fernanda Gamba, Facultad de Agronoma, Universidad de la Repblica Oriental del Uruguay
Coauthor(s): María E. Cassanello. Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay

Dissemination and sharing of information is essential for researchers, agronomists and producers to make well informed disease management decisions. To contribute to this objective, a national initiative framework was coordinated after the first report of the disease presence on an research trial, late on the 2004 season. The University contributes with two of the five reference laboratories to cover nationwide. the country. Our labs analyzed samples from ten states. Samples were mainly sent by producers as well as agronomists. They were analyzed on a daily basis and those with negative diagnosis were kept up to five days to follow up. The following information was requested for each sample: growth stage, cultivar, acreage and location. Samples of the same cultivar, growth stage and location showed positive and negative results which means the disease has not been established yet. Other cultivars completed their cycle without the disease. Live rust pustules were found on volunteer soybean plants during the winter but their epidemiological role as primary inoculum source is to be determined since Uruguay is part of a region where soybean starts to grow in august. Each crop represented a particular situation, therefore there is not enough information to recommend a general management measure for this country.

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