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Poster Presentations

Virginia soybean aphid and rust monitoring program: two years of experience.

Presenter: David Holshouser, Virginia Tech
Coauthor(s): Ames Herbert, Pat Phipps, and Erik Stromberg, Virginia Tech

Virginia soybean producers are at risk to two new pests, soybean aphid and Asian soybean rust. In response to these threats, a soybean aphid and rust monitoring program was implemented in 2004 at the request of soybean producers. Seventy eight commercial fields were scouted bi-weekly in 2004 and 95 fields were scouted weekly in 2005 from June through September. In 2004, twenty fields contain small areas of "sentinel plots", which were maturity group III varieties planted in late April or early May. In 2005, 51 fields contained sentinel plots. Sentinel plots, full-season, and double-crop soybean fields were included in the monitoring program; therefore, a wide range of soybean development stages were present on any given scouting date. Five whole plants were sampled in six areas of each field. If the scout could not visually identify the insect or disease in the field, samples were collected and returned to the Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center for further examination by specialists. Over 150 and 400 samples were examined microscopically in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Aphids were found in July in 2004, but not until August in 2005. In both years, some fields reached treatment threshold. Although rust was not found, many look-alike diseases were detected. The monitoring program increased Extension Specialists awareness of insect and disease problems in Virginia.

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