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Poster Presentations

Local and regional soybean rust early detection system. The Riia experience in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Presenter: Antonio Ivancovich, EEA INTA Pergamino- Buenos Aires-Argentina
Coauthor(s): E. Astegiano 1, L. Herzog1; A. R. Maumary1 and J. Villar2. 1Docentes Cátedra de Cultivos Extensivos y Fitopatologia- Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias-Esperanza (3080)-Santa Fe -Argentina- P.Kreder 2805. 2EEA INTA Rafaela- Santa Fe- Argentina

With the objective of improving the decisions on fungicides utilization for controlling the Asian soybean rust, technologies have been developed that estimate the regional risk of fungus infection and development (climate based models, detection of urediniospores in the air). Never the less, disease response in the central region of Santa Fe County in Argentina, after two years (2004 and 2005) showed that the period between the early detection in an area and its spread to nearby commercial plots is variable, and can be longer than fungicide activity when sprayed on disease free plots to prevent infections (30 days).In search of an un-expensive, simple and effective system to accomplish the objective enunciated, the program RiiA (FCA-Esperanza and INTA Rafaela) developed a monitoring and alert system, consisting in the selection of commercial plots homogenously distributed in the region, weakly sampling of 40 central leaflet from the lower half of the crop in at least six sampling locations, and their observation in the laboratory. After a two year experience, the system showed to be highly efficient in early detecting the disease at a regional level, as well as at a local one, providing enough time to decide adequate fungicide applications for each particular case. In addition, the system provided a means of evaluating incidence, severity and prevalence of the disease a regional level.

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