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Poster Presentations

A comprehensive threat management framework for a crop biosecurity national architecture.

Presenter: Roger L. King, Mississippi State University, MS State, MS 39762
Coauthor(s): G.L. Sciumbato1, D.H. Poston1, W.F. Moore2, M.A. Blaine2. 1MAFES/DREC, Stoneville, MS, 38776, 2MSU Extension, MS State, MS 39762

Our nation’s ability to rapidly detect and identify plant pests and pathogens either in offshore native habitats or soon after introduction into the U.S. is inadequate. This ability to anticipate the arrival of agricultural threats allows them to spread more readily, results in greater damage, and makes it more difficult and expensive to respond with mitigation and eradication efforts. There are important fundamental gaps in our knowledge of foreign plant pests and pathogens that pose a threat to U.S. agricultural production. These gaps reduce the reliability and timeliness of risk assessments and risk management decisions that may be available to U.S. decision makers in the event of a real or perceived crop biosecurity threat. Results from this research will enhance the nations defense posture for crop biosecurity threats, and will serve as a prototype for the application of this systems approach to other such select agents for important agricultural crop species. It is initially being exercise with a real threat to U.S. crop biosecurity-Asian soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) which was detected in the southeastern United States in November 2004. This paper will describe the results of an ongoing end-to-end systems study and a technology readiness baselining for the problem of agricultural biosecurity.

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