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Poster Presentations

Defense peptides for control of soybean rust.

Presenter: Zhiwei Fang, Division of Plant Sciences; University of Missouri
Coauthor(s): F. J. Schmidt, Dept. Biochemistry; University of Missouri. J.T. English, Division of Plant Sciences; University of Missouri. G. Stacey, Division of Plant Sciences; University of Missouri. B. Cooper, USDA-ARS

Proteins and other molecules on the surface of a fungal pathogen contribute to the growth and development of the organism or provide a means of monitoring and detecting environmental signals that contribute to development. Consequently, cell-surface factors represent significant targets for pathogen disruption by inhibitory antagonistic molecules such as defense peptides. We have used combinatorial, phage-display technologies to select peptides with high affinity for surface or other cellular components critical to the function of Phytophthora species and other pathogens of plants and humans. We have recently applied these technologies to initiate selection of peptides that interact and disrupt development of uredospores of Uromyces. Based on initial success with this model organism, we are applying combinatorial technologies for selection of peptides that should disrupt development and pathogenesis of Phakopsora pachyrhizi.

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