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Poster Presentations

Chemical control and application technology.

Presenter: Fernanda Gamba, Facultad de Agronoma, Universidad de la Repblica Oriental del Uruguay
Coauthor(s): Hugo Ferrazzini. Dirección General de Servicios Agrícolas, Ministerio de Ganadera, Agricultura y Pesca.

The experiment was conducted on cv A 4910, ground application was done one day after the detection of the first symptoms (R 5.5) with triazole + strobilurin at two volumes and pressures : 120 l. ha1,7 bar and 180 l. ha1,14 bar. Application quality was recorded at 30 cm from the soil level to study penetration. Disease notes were taken 27 days later (R7) at the top and mid canopy. Application quality was within the desirable range for both water volumes. Disease incidence on mid canopy was the lowest with 180 l. ha1 but disease severity on mid canopy did not differed for the two volumes tested. The coverage was greater with 180 l.ha1 (191,1 drops/cms2 and 108.8 with 120 l.ha1 but not effect on disease severity on mid canopy was observed. Application quality should not only be characterized with coverage but also with Volume Median Droplet Size, Relative Amplitude, Coefficient of Variation and Mean Numerical Diameter. No effect on yield and seed mass was found. The only significant correlation was between incidence on upper canopy and seed weight (r = -0.77). To achieve the greatest economic return further research need to be done under higher disease pressure and with other cultivars.

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