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Poster Presentations

Comparison of aerial and ground application for rust control: first Uruguayan experience.

Presenter: Fernanda Gamba, Facultad de Agronoma, Universidad de la Repblica Oriental del Uruguay
Coauthor(s): Hugo Ferrazzini. Dirección General de Servicios Agrícolas. Ministerio de Ganadera, Agricultura y Pesca.

In Uruguay, management of soybean rust relies almost only on fungicides but little is known on application technology and its interaction with disease severity and yield. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the interaction of application quality, disease incidence and severity, yield and mass of 1000 seeds. Application was done nine days after the detection of the first symptoms (R5.5) at two volumes: 20 and 40 l.ha1 for aerial, 120 and 140 l.ha1 for ground application. Disease notes were taken sixteen days later (R7) at the top and mid canopy. Application quality was recorded at the top and at 30 cm from the soil level to study penetration. Coverage (number of drops/cm2, Volume Median Droplet Size, Relative Amplitude, Coefficient of Variation and Mean Numerical Diameter indicated that application quality and penetration were within accepted ranges, regardless of the method and water volume tested. Disease incidence and severity on upper canopy were higher on the control but no yield effect was observed. Seed weight was higher only with aerial application. To optimize fungicide management further studies need to be conducted under higher disease pressure.

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