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Poster Presentations

Adjuvants improve fungicide control of ASR in Brasil.

Presenter: James L. Hazen, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC

An Asian Soybean Rust (ASR) study was set up with a contract research organization near Iracempolis, Sao Paulo, Brasil, to evaluate the adjuvant effect of alkoxylated fatty amine adjuvants with fungicides in soybean. The following materials were tested: FUNGICIDESImpact 150g/l SC @ 500 ml/ha (Cheminova; flutrialfol)Priori 2.08 FL @ 200 ml/ha (Syngenta; azoxystrobin) Folicur 3.6 FL @ 500 ml/ha (Bayer Crop Science;.tebuconazole) Opera @ 500 ml/ha (BASF; pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole)ADJUVANTSAdsee AB-650 Akzo Nobel, 100% alkoxylated fatty amine + wetting agent & bufferAssist BASF, 75.6% paraffin mineral oilNimbus Syngenta, 42.8% paraffin mineral oilSilwet L77 Loveland, Organosilicone surfactant. The study on soybean (Monsoy 800) was set in a randomized complete block design with 4 replicates of each treatment. Plots measured 15 m2. Treatments were applied using a CO2 backpack sprayer at 200 l/ha for two foliar applications. Assessment of treatment efficacy was disease control and defoliation rated 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 WAT. Visual lab evaluation was performed on 20 leaflets harvested from each of the replicated plots. Grading of the ASR affected area was based on the evaluation grading scale proposed by Canteri & Godoy. The crop was further maintained to harvest to allow a yield determination (weight of seeds for 3.6 m2 in the plot and translated to kg/ha). RESULT Asian Soybean Rust Control: AB-650 was the best adjuvant across all fungicides tested. Folicur, Priori, and Opera benefited from adjuvant addition. Impact was a strong performer alone. Yield: AB-650 @ 0.125% directionally increased yield best of all adjuvants. CONCLUSIONS Adjuvants generally improved fungicide performance. The fatty amine alkoxylates performed well as tank mix adjuvants for fungicide treatment of crops. Adjuvant Adsee AB-650 increased the activity of generic fungicides to a level competitive with the newer strobilurin fungicides. There was indication that adjuvants can improve the yield quality and quantity of the crops for a Total Plant Health effect.

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