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Poster Presentations

Soybean rust management using fungicides in central area of Santa Fe Province (Argentina) in crop season 2004/2005.

Presenter: Antonio Ivancovich,
Coauthor(s): Sillon, Margarita1; Ivancovich, Antonio2; Albrecht, Julio3; Weder, Edith3 Borsarelli, Jorge3 Gauchat, Miguel4 y Escobar, Dardo5 1Fitopathologist National Rust Soybean Program; 2INTA Pergamino; 3Agricultores Federados Argentinos; 4private consultant; 5Coordinator, National Rust Program.

Within the National Soybean Rust Program two trials were conducted to evaluate application moments for rust control. In the first trial, 40 cultivars (maturity groups IV VIII) sowed in November 2004 were evaluated. Rust evaluation was realized in the lower third of the crop, taking a sample of 40 folioles and observing pustules using a microscope (20 and 40). When rust was observed in the field (1% incidence) fungicides were applied (triazols + estrobilurines). Increases of 230 kg/ha were recorded in treated plots (group VIII) infected with rust in R5 and 182 kg/ha in treated plots (group VII) infected in R 5.3.The second trial was conducted on a commercial crop sowed in February 2005 (group VIII) infected with rust in R2. Single a double applications of fungicides were realized in R3 (10% rust incidence) and R3 + R5 respectively. Rust final incidence was 90 % in check parcels, 40% with two applications of Folicur and 15% with two applications of Sphere. Check parcel yield was 1138 kg/ha, double folicur application 1723 kg/ha, and double sphere application 2000 kg/ha. From the results it is possible to conclude that fungicides use in early rust detection (low incidence levels), was an efficient tool for rust control in Santa Fe (Argentina) in crop season 2004/2005.

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