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Poster Presentations

Evaluation of the efficacy of OSA-SAPAE 04002 (PREV AM, WETCIT) for the control of Phakopsora pachyrhizi on soybeans.

Presenter: Mark Russell, ORO Agri, Inc
Coauthor(s): Aradec Agri Research (Private contract research company)

OSA-SAPAE04002 (PREV AM, WETCIT) offers a physical mode of action to assist in the control management of Phakopsora pachyrhizi (Asian Soybean Rust), and many other foliar diseases and pests of soybeans and other crops. Studies indicate that when used alone on a short spray interval and/or in combination with different mode of action materials on extended intervals, the use of OSA-SAPAE04002 improves disease and pest control and ultimately enhances crop yield.OSA-SAPAE04002 has direct contact activity on various life stages of pests and pathogens by physically disrupting the outer membrane of the organism. Exposure to the environment renders the contacted organism unviable, generally in 24-72 hours. Due to this mode of action, OSA-SAPAE04002 offers an alternative product for resistance management. OSA-SAPAE04002 is a patented material containing sodium tetraborohydrate decahydrate, cold pressed orange oil, formulated in a proprietary blend of surfactants. ORO Agri will be conducting additional trials in the southern hemisphere in 2005/06 prior to product launch in the US in 2006 season.

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