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Poster Presentations

An analysis of sprayer droplets using matlab.

Presenter: Michael P. Sama, University of Kentucky, Graduate Research Assistant
Coauthor(s): Phillip Needham, Manager, Opti-Crop consulting group, Miles Enterprises; Dr. Donald E. Hershman, University of Kentucky, Extension Plant Pathologist; Dr. Tim Stombaugh, University of Kentucky, Extension Agricultural Engineer; Dr. Samuel G. McNeill, University of Kentucky, Extension Agricultural Engineer

The poster outlines techniques used to extract sprayer application properties as part of a larger study. The goal of the project is to develop management recommendations for fungicidal control of Asian soybean rust. Each sprayer test produced approximately 650 samples which required a customized analysis solution for timely results. Using various image processing techniques, properties such as spectrum of droplet sizes, average droplet size, and coverage area were measured and stored into a database for further statistical analysis.

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