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Poster Presentations

A holistic approach to understanding the soybean rust issue

Presenter: Aldo A. Zagonel, Sandia National Laboratories
Coauthor(s): Sharon M. Deland, Paul G. Kaplan, and Stephen H. Conrad, Sandia National Laboratories

Our objective is to examine the consequences of soy rust to the U.S. agriculture in the next five years, looking at the problem holistically, including its several dimensions, such as detection, treatment, market mechanisms and institutional incentives (insurance, subsidies, etc).This research is part of a larger effort involving critical infrastructure protection, including agriculture, energy, water, insurance, commerce, transportation, and others. Key to this research program is examining interdependencies within and across infrastructures; for example, between soybeans and corn, between grains and animals, between agriculture and industry (e.g. chemical).A definitive solution to the soy rust problem may take five to ten years, and it will involve developing a genetically resistant soybean. This hinges on the assumption that the needed strain is available in a gene bank. Otherwise, it has to be genetically modified. In the mean time, the disease has to be managed to avoid significant losses. To tackle the soy rust problem, as a subtype of the more generic issue of crop and animal diseases, it is necessary to connect different pieces of the puzzle to see what can be said about the whole problem What piece of the puzzle carries the leverage to adequately contain and manage the disease? What interactions between the pieces are key to understanding potential solutions to this problem? This poster provides a brief overview of the programmatic, technical and methodological components of our study, and presents an opportunity for exchange and collaboration in this cross-boundary assessment of the soy rust issue.

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