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Introduction and Overview of the Meeting.

Gary Bergstrom, Cornell University

    Session One:
    Detection, Prediction and Diagnostics for Soybean Rust

What and How Well Did They Work in 2005?

Craig Grau, University of Wisconsin - Session Coordinator/Moderator

2005 Overview of Sentinel Plot Program and Coordination.
Don Hershman, University of Kentucky; Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska

Update on Sources of Offshore Inoculum.
Jose Hernandez, USDA ARS

Soybean Rust Aerobiology Model: 2005.
Scott Isard, Penn State University

Soybean Rust Dispersal Prediction and Analyses in the US for the 2005 Growing Season.
Zaitao Pan, St. Louis University

Predicting the 2005 Soybean Rust Epidemic: Methods and Results from the NAPDFC.
Thomas Keever, North Carolina State University

Comparison of Detection Methods (Regional Diagnostic Labs)

John Rupe, University of Arkansas - Session Coordinator/Moderator

PCR, Detection Times Compared to ELISA.
Phil Harmon, University of Florida SPDN

QualiPlate Kit for Soybean Rust.
Murali Bandla, Envirologix, Inc.

Analysis of Rain Samples for Phakopsora pachyrhizi.
Les Szabo, USDA ARS

Efforts to Monitor the Dispersal of Soybean Rust.
Erick De Wolf, Penn State University

Asian Soybean Rust: Syngenta Spore Trap Project.
John Rupe, University of Arkansas

    Session Two:
    Soybean Rust Management - Fungicides

    Brian Olson, Dow AgroSciences LLC - Session Coordinator/Moderator

Latest Results of Fungicide & Biocontrol Testing - Data from Industry

Win the Fight Against Asian Soybean Rust.
John Pawlak, Valent USA Corp.

Syngenta Soybean Portfolio 2006.
Marty Wiglesworth, Syngenta Crop Protection

Soybean Rust Control with MANA Fungicides.
James Whitehead, Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc.

Echo Chlorothalonil Fungicides vs. Asian Soybean Rust.
John French, Sipcam Agro USA, Inc.

ASR Epidemiology and Application Timing of Punch and Charisma for ASR Disease Management Program. Alberto Marçon, DuPont Ag and Nutrition. (Presentation not available)

Soybean Rust Control Solutions from Dow AgroSciences.
Brian Olson, Dow AgroSciences, LLC

Flutriafol - the Asian Soybean Rust Standard.
Robert Noon, Cheminova

BCS Fungicide Portfolio for Asian Soybean Rust Control.
James Bloomberg, Bayer CropScience

BASF Corporation: Asian Soybean Rust Fungicides.
Ted Bardinelli, BASF Corp.

Ballad Biofungicide: Technical Background and Use in Control of Soybean Rust.
Brett Highland, AgraQuest, Inc.

    Session Two Continued:
    Soybean Rust Management - Fungicides

    Don Hershman, Univ. of Kentucky - Session Coordinator/Moderator

Summaries of University Fungicide Efficacy Trials

Marty Draper, South Dakota State University

Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia

Fungicide Application Technology

Results from US Trials.
Monte Miles, USDA ARS

Aerial Application Strategies for Soybean Rust Control.
Ulisses Antuniassi, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

    Session Two Continued:
    Soybean Rust Management

    Anne Dorrance, Ohio State Univ. - Session Coordinator/Moderator

How to Characterize Rust Strains - Genome Sequencing, Differentials.
Reid Frederick, USDA ARS FDWSRU

Epidemiological and Host Range Studies.

Update on Sources of Host Resistance.
Monte Miles, USDA ARS

    Session Three:
    Looking Towards 2006

    Marty Draper, South Dakota State Univ. - Session Coord. / Moderator

The Rust Challenge to the Soybean Producers and CCAs

The Southern Perspective.
Billy Wayne Sellers, Baxley, Georgia

The Southern Perspective.
Jim Dunphy, North Carolina State University

The Northern Perspective.
Jim Sallstrom, United Soybean Board Production Committee Chair

The Northern Perspective.
Steve Dlugosz, Past Chairman of Certified Crop Advisor's Program

Update on Policy Issues.
Allen Jennings - USDA ARS, National Plant Disease Recovery Program

Crop Insurance.
Heyward Baker, USDA, Risk Management Agency

EPA - Status of Section 18s, Will There Be More?
Lois Rossi, Environmental Protection Agency

Perspective of the Economic Research Service.
David Schimmelfennig, USDA ERS

    Session Three Continued:
    Looking Towards 2006

    Gary Bergstrom, Cornell University - Session Coordinator/Moderator

USDA Transition Plan and Strategic Research Planning

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Perspective.

USDA Cooperative State, Research, Education and Extention Service (CSREES) Perspective.
Bill Hoffman, USDA CSREES

USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Perspective.
Rick Bennett, USDA ARS

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