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J.R. Simplot

Simplot was founded in 1923, by J.R. “Jack” Simplot near the small farming community of Declo, Idaho. Since then, the J.R. Simplot company has grown into a global food and agribusiness conglomerate with products that are sold in every state and many foreign countries, with an annual sales of about $4.5 billion. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Simplot’s products and services, which cover agriculture, land & livestock, turf & horticulture, and foods. The Simplot Company’s mission statement, Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life, embodies our reason for being in business. We mold many of our planet’s raw materials into value-added items that sustain and enhance life. In addition to understanding the ingredients of building a profitable business, we’re keenly aware of our ecological responsibilities. Simplot continually addresses environmental matters, not only because we depend on the continued availability of natural resources for our livelihood, but also because good stewardship of air, land, and water is the right thing to do.

website: www.simplot.com