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University of Arizona - Tucson
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The mission of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is "to develop, integrate, extend, and apply knowledge". Plant related information is developed through several campus departments and the Agricultural Centers located throughout the state. The resulting information is integrated in ways that are useful to a variety of users and made available through the Cooperative Extension offices in each county and by the web. Plant related information includes: horticulture/home gardening; production agriculture; range, turf, forest and native vegetation; arboretums, insect and disease interactions; nutrition, weather, water and soil interactions; and fundamental biology and biotechnology using plants as models. Environmental conditions in Arizona range from low desert (about 150 feet elevation) to high mountains (7,000 plus feet), from dry to wet environments, and from low water to high water requiring plants. This relatively unique environment spread through different climatic zones provides both common and specialized plant growing conditions. Specific web pages and publications (for downloading or purchase) are available on the college website.

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