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Colorado State University
College of Agricultural Sciences
and the University Libraries

Two units of Colorado State University support the PMN Partnership. The College of Agricultural Sciences is an international leader in agricultural research and technology, committed to preserve, protect, and improve the natural environment. CSU strives to provide economically and environmentally sound solutions to agricultural problems. Our students join a team of outstanding faculty and staff working on vital projects such as enhancing food safety, developing approaches for the rehabilitation of disturbed lands, and increasing crop production. They have the opportunity to use the latest technology and prepare to enter the world of computer-aided agriculture. At CSU, we never lose sight of the need to maintain agriculture as a productive and profitable part of the world's economy. The Libraries have an important collection of print and electronic resources in agriculture, natural resources, life sciences, and other subject areas.

Fort Collins, CO 80523 USA

CSU College of Agricultural Sciences
Colorado State University Libraries