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Plant Health Progress - Peer-Reviewed Journal of Appied Plant Health

  25 February 2017. St. Paul MN USA                                       ISSN 1535-1025

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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations

Research affecting management recommendations.

• Reaction of Selected Cultivars of Sugar Maple to Anthracnose in North Alabama. A. K. Hagan, K. L. Bowen, K. N. Conner, J. L. Sibley, and A. W. Caylor.
30 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

• ECX: An R Package for Studying Sensitivity of Antimicrobial Substances Using Spiral Plating Technology. G. A. Torres-Londoño, M. Hausbeck, and J. Hao.
13 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

• Evaluation of Plant Health Programs Using Outcome Mapping. A. L. Testen, D. P. Mamiro, J. Nahson, H. D. Mtui, and S. A. Miller.
6 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

• Evaluation of Chipped Cankers for Management of Eastern Filbert Blight. S. Heckert, J. W. Pscheidt, and S. A. Cluskey.
5 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

• Effectiveness of a Low-volume Spray Technology in the Control of Major Strawberry Diseases in Florida. L. G. Cordova and N. A. Peres.
8 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

• Identifying Soybean Rust-resistant and Susceptible Populations of Kudzu to Increase Disease Monitoring Efficiency in Alabama. E. J. Sikora and M. A. Delaney.
8 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

• Analyses of Yield and Economic Response from Foliar Fungicide and Insecticide Applications to Soybean in the North Central United States. Y. R. Kandel, D. S. Mueller, C. E. Hart, N. R. C. Bestor, C. A. Bradley, K. A. Ames, L. J. Giesler, and K. A. Wise.
7 November 2016. Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society

Issues impacting agriculture and society.

• Biology and Economics of Recommendations for Insecticide-Based Management of Soybean Aphid. R. L. Koch, B. D. Potter, P. A. Glogoza, E. W. Hodgson, C. H. Krupke, J. F. Tooker, C. D. DiFonzo, A. P. Michel, K. J. Tilmon, T. J. Prochaska, J. J. Knodel, R. J. Wright, T. E. Hunt, B. Jensen, A. J. Varenhorst, B. P. McCornack, K. A. Estes, and J. L. Spencer.
30 December 2016. Public Summary | Article Open Access

• Cryptic Species: A Leitmotif of Contemporary Mycology Has Challenges and Benefits for Plant Pathologists. F. M. Dugan and S. Everhart.
1 December 2016. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners

Short reports on new findings relevant to practitioners.

• Incidence and Pathogenicity of Didymella americana on Table Beet in New York. N. Vaghefi, J. R. Kikkert, and S. J. Pethybridge.
5 January 2017. Public Summary | Article

 News and Opinions

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor.

• On Seed Transmissibility of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus in Symptomless Soybean Seedlings. M. R. Hajimorad.
23 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

• Response to "On Seed Transmissibility of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus in Symptomless Soybean Seedlings." D. L. Smith.
23 August 2016. Public Summary | Article

Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance

Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance.

• Understanding Soybean Cyst Nematode HG Types and Races. G. L. Tylka.
20 June 2016. Public Summary | Article Open Access

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