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Plant Health Progress - Peer-Reviewed Journal of Appied Plant Health

  25 April 2015. St. Paul MN USA                                       ISSN 1535-1025

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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations

Research affecting management recommendations.

• Seeding Rate and Planting Date Impacts Stand Density, Diseases, and Yield of Irrigated Peanuts. A. K. Hagan, H. L. Campbell, and K. L. Bowen, and L. Wells. 20 April 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Ergot Resistant Tetraploid Bahiagrass and Fungicide Effects on Seed Yield and Quality. E. Rios, A. Blount, P. Harmon, C. Mackowiak, K. Kenworthy, and K. Quesenberry. 17 April 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Fungicide Impact on in vitro Germination of Basidiospores of Puccinia horiana, the Causal Agent of Chrysanthemum White Rust. C. L. Palmer, M. R. Bonde, S. E. Nester, J. M. Revell, and D. G. Luster. 7 April 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Longevity of Uromyces transversalis, Causal Agent of Gladiolus Rust, under Various Environmental Conditions. M. R. Bonde, S. E. Nester, and D. G. Luster, and C. L. Palmer. 6 April 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Influence of Insecticides and Reflective Mulch on Watermelon Vine Decline Caused by Squash vein yellowing virus (SqVYV). C. S. Kousik, S. Adkins, C. G. Webster, W. W. Turechek, P. Stansly, and P. D. Roberts. 25 March 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Rhizopus oryzae Associated with Melanagromyza splendida and Stem Disease of Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) in California. F. M. Mathew, J. R. Prasifka, S. D. Gaimari, L. Shi, S. G. Markell, and T. J. Gulya. 25 March 2015. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners

Short reports on new findings relevant to practitioners.

• Identification of Diaporthe longicolla on Dry Edible Pea, Dry Edible Bean, and Soybean in North Dakota. F. M. Mathew, L. A. Castlebury, K. Alananbeh, J. G. Jordahl, C. A. Taylor, S. M. Meyer, R. S. Lamppa, J. A. Pasche, and S. G. Markell. 15 April 2015. Public Summary | Article

• First Report of Daylily Leaf Streak Caused by Kabatiella microsticta on Hemerocallis spp. in Norway. G. M. Strømeng, M. B. Brurberg, E. Vike, and V. Talgø. 4 March 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Didymella bryoniae Isolates from Watermelon Seedlings in Florida Transplant Houses and Their Sensitivity to Boscalid. K. E. Hendricks and P. D. Roberts. 25 February 2015. Public Summary | Article

• First Report of Canna yellow mottle virus in Kenya. T. A. Agneroh, S. A. Bratsch, and B. E. Lockhart. 25 February 2015. Public Summary | Article

• First Report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus in Hoya wayetii and Schlumbergera truncata. C. A. Baker and S. Adkins. 25 February 2015. Public Summary | Article


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