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Plant Health Progress - Peer-Reviewed Journal of Appied Plant Health

  31 August 2015. St. Paul MN USA                                       ISSN 1535-1025

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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations

Research affecting management recommendations.

• Association of Diaporthe longicolla with Black Zone Lines on Mature Soybean Plants. T. R. Olson, A. Gebreil, A. Micijevic, C. A. Bradley, K. A. Wise, D. S. Mueller, M. I. Chilvers, and F. M. Mathew. 28 August 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Progeny of Selfed Plants from Tomato Breeding Line 'NC1 Grape' Overexpressing Mannitol Dehydrogenase (MTD) Have Increased Resistance to the Early Blight Fungus, Alternaria solani. T. K. Patel, S. F. Krasnyanski, G. C. Allen, F. J. Louws, D. R. Panthee, and J. D. Williamson. 14 August 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Temperature Influences Persistence of Chlorothalonil and Iprodione on Creeping Bentgrass Foliage. P. L. Koch and J. P. Kerns. 1 July 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Applying Phytophthora ramorum Inoculum to Hosts: A New Method That Simulates Overhead Irrigation. L. Rollins, M. Elliott, and G. Chastagner. 26 June 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Stability of TSWV General Field Resistance in the 'Georgia Green' Peanut Cultivar. W. D. Branch and A. K. Culbreath. 18 May 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Monitoring of a Single Point Mutation in the PvCesA3 Allele Conferring Resistance to Carboxylic Acid Amide Fungicides in Plasmopara viticola Populations In Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Y. Aoki, Y. Kawagoe, N. Fujimori, S. Tanaka, and S. Suzuki. 1 May 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Decision Models for Fungicide Applications for Soybean Rust. H. M. Kelly, D. L. Wright, N. S. Dufault, and J. J. Marois. 1 May 2015. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners

Short reports on new findings relevant to practitioners.

• First Report of Squash vein yellowing virus in Watermelon in Guatemala. A. Jeyaprakash, C. A. Baker, T. S. Schubert, I. E. Badillo-Vargas, P. D. Roberts, J. E. Funderburk, and S. Adkins. 15 July 2015. Public Summary | Article

• First Report of Phytophthora Fruit Rot on Bitter Gourd (Mormodica charantia) and Sponge Gourd (Luffa cylindrica) Caused by Phytophthora capsici. C. S. Kousik, C. Parada, and L. Quesada-Ocampo. 6 May 2015. Public Summary | Article

• Physoderma Brown Spot and Stalk Rot of Corn Caused by Physoderma maydis in Iowa. A. E. Robertson, L. Jesse, G. Munkvold, E. Salaau Rojas, and D. S. Mueller. 4 May 2015. Public Summary | Supplemental Materials | Article

• Identification of Races of Colletotrichum orbiculare on Muskmelon in South Carolina. A. P. Keinath. 1 May 2015. Public Summary | Article

• First Report of Pythium spinosum as a Pathogen of Watermelon and in Association with a Dieback of Watermelon in Southwest Florida. K. E. Hendricks and P. D. Roberts. 1 May 2015. Public Summary | Article


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