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2002 Content

 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.

Open Access Detecting Single Seeds of Small Broomrape (Orobanche minor) with a Polymerase Chain Reaction. N. K. Osterbauer and L. Rehms. 
11 November 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Confirmation of Shattercane (Sorghum bicolor) Resistance to ALS-Inhibiting Herbicides in Ohio. T. L. Brenly-Bultemeier, J. Stachler, and S. K. Harrison. 
21 October 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Management of Early Leaf Spot of Peanut with Pyraclostrobin as Affected by Rate and Spray Interval. A. K. Culbreath, T. B. Brenneman, and R. C. Kemerait, Jr. 
18 October 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Alternatives to Vinclozolin (Ronilan) for Controlling Gray and White Mold on Snap Bean Pods in New York. D. A. Shah, H. R. Dillard, and A. Cobb. 
23 September 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Etiology of Red Stain in Boxelder. A. C. Morse and R. A. Blanchette. 
17 September 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Peanut Disease Management Utilizing an In-furrow Treatment of Azoxystrobin. S. L. Rideout, T. B. Brenneman, and A. K. Culbreath. 
16 September 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Fungi Associated With Postemergence Cotton Seedling Disease in Missouri. J. A. Wrather, B. Phipps, and C. S. Rothrock. 
22 July 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Infection of Grape Berry and Rachis Tissues by Phomopsis viticola. O. Erincik, L. V. Madden, D. C. Ferree, and M. A. Ellis. 
2 July 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Toxicity of Indian Mustard and Allyl Isothiocyanate to Masked Chafer Beetle Larvae. R. R. P. Noble, S. G. Harvey, and C. E. Sams. 
10 June 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Interaction Between Flooding or Drought Stress and Potato Leafhopper Injury in Alfalfa. A. L. Barta, R. M. Sulc, M. J. Ogle, R. B. Hammond. 
2 May 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Managing Bacterial Speck and Spot of Tomato with Acibenzolar-S-Methyl in Virginia. A. S. Graves and S. A. Alexander. 
20 February 2002. Public Summary | Article

Methods for identifying plant health problems and their causes  

Open Access Phytophthora Blight on Pumpkin. M. Babadoost and S. Z. Islam. 
16 December 2002.  Public Summary | Article

Comprehensive information on specific plant health problems  

Open Access Management of the Peanut Root-knot Nematode, Meloidogyne arenaria, with Host Resistance. J. L. Starr, E. R. Morgan, and C. E. Simpson. 
21 November 2002.  Public Summary | Article

Open Access Seed Borne Late Blight of Potato. M. L. Powelson, R. Ludy, H. Partipilo, D. A. Inglis, B. Gundersen, and M. Derie. 
29 January 2002.  Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society  

Open Access Citrus Canker: The Pathogen and Its Impact. T. R. Gottwald, J. H. Graham, and T. S. Schubert. 
12 August 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A Fungicide Application Decision (FAD) Support System for Postbloom Fruit Drop of Citrus (PFD). N. A. R. Peres, S. Kim, H. W. Beck, N. L. Souza, L. W. Timmer. 
31 July 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Biological Control of Plant Pathogens: Research, Commercialization, and Application in the USA. B. B. McSpadden Gardener and D. R. Fravel. 
10 May 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access The History and Diseases of Poinsettia, the Christmas Flower. D. M. Benson, J. L. Hall, G. W. Moorman, M. L. Daughtrey, A. R. Chase, and K. H. Lamour. 
12 February 2002. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners  

Open Access Seed Transmission of Fusarium oxysporum in Common Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense) in Ecuador. J. B. Ochoa and M. A. Ellis. 
19 July 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Ralstonia solanacearum on Geranium in Florida. P. M. Pradhanang, M. T. Momol, H. Dankers, E. A. Momol, and J. B. Jones. 
11 June 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Bacterial Crown Rot of Lisianthus Caused by Burkholderia gladioli. T. E. Seijo, R. J. McGovern, E. R. Dickstein, and B. K. Harbaugh. 
20 May 2002. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Blight Caused by Botrytis cinerea on China Rose in Argentina. M. C. Rivera and E. R. Wright. 
22 March 2002. Public Summary | Article


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Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance  

Open Access Consider Soil Conditions and Other Agronomic Factors When Selecting Soybean Seeding Rates. S. Butzen. 
4 March 2002 Article

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