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2005 Content

 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.

Open Access Repellency and Repulsiveness of Selected Agrichemicals to the Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae) on Grape Foliage. D. B. Walsh and G. G. Grove. 
28 December 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Integrated Management of Angular Leaf Spot (Phaeoisariopsis griseola (Sacc.) Ferr.) on Snap Beans in Ontario. M. J. Celetti, M. S. Melzer, and G. J. Boland. 
29 November 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluating the Efficacy of Commercial Products for Management of Bacterial Leaf Spot on Lettuce. C. T. Bull and S. T. Koike. 
21 November 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access The Southeastern U.S. Fusarium Head Blight Epidemic of 2003. C. Cowger and A. L. Sutton. 
26 October 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A Temperature-Controlled Water Bath Method for Evaluating Soybean Reaction to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). R. Y. Hashmi, J. P. Bond, M. E. Schmidt, and J. H. Klein. 
6 September 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Differentiation of Isolates of Glomerella cingulata and Colletotrichum spp. Associated with Glomerella Leaf Spot and Bitter Rot of Apples Using Growth Rate, Response to Temperature, and Benomyl Sensitivity. E. González and T. B. Sutton. 
19 July 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Determining the Efficacy of Disease Management Products in Organically-Produced Tomatoes. A. L. Wszelaki and S. A. Miller. 
13 July 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effects of Azoxystrobin Rate and Treatment Interval on the Control of Rhabdocline pseudotsugae on Douglas-fir Christmas Trees. R. M. Bates and D. A. Despot. 
13 June 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Asian Soybean Rust Caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi on Soybean and Kudzu in Florida. P. F. Harmon, M. T. Momol, J. J. Marois, H. Dankers, and C. L. Harmon. 
13 June 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Incidence of Meloidogyne incognita and Development of Resistant Soybean Germplasm in Illinois. J. B. Allen, J. P. Bond, and M. E. Schmidt. 
6 June 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Comparing Image Format and Resolution for Assessment of Foliar Diseases of Wheat. K. Steddom, M. McMullen, B. Schatz, and C. M. Rush. 
16 May 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization and Seed Contamination on Epiphytic Populations of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. allii and Development of Xanthomonas Leaf Blight of Onion. D. H. Gent, and H. F. Schwartz. 
31 March 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Pythium Blight in Overseeded Turfgrasses Using a Simple Field Inoculation Technique. C. M. Stiles, L. E. Datnoff, and J. L. Cisar. 
30 March 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Use of Petroleum Derived Spray Oils in Washington Grapevine Powdery Mildew Management Programs. G. G. Grove, J. Lunden, and S. Spayd. 
17 March 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Silicon is Deposited in Leaves of New Guinea Impatiens. J. M. Frantz, D. D. S. Pitchay, J. C. Locke, L. E. Horst, and C. R. Krause. 
17 February 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Ascospore Release of Togninia minima, Cause of Esca and Grapevine Decline in California. S. Rooney-Latham, A. Eskalen, and W. D. Gubler. 
9 February 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Azoxystrobin, Pyraclostrobin, Potassium Phosphite, and Mefenoxam for Control of Strawberry Leather Rot. A. Rebollar-Alviter, L. V. Madden, and M. A. Ellis. 
7 January 2005. Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society  

Open Access Panama Disease, An Old Nemesis Rears Its Ugly Head: Part 1. The Beginnings of the Banana Export Trades. R. C. Ploetz.
21 December 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Alternatives to Methyl Bromide: A Florida Perspective. E. N. Rosskopf, D. O. Chellemi, N. Kokalis-Burelle, and G. T. Church. 
27 October 2005.  Public Summary | Article

Methods for identifying plant health problems and their causes  

Open Access Diagnosis of Trichodorus obtusus and Paratrichodorus minor on Turfgrasses in the Southeastern United States. W. T. Crow. 
21 January 2005. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners  

Open Access Susceptibility of Perennial Small Grains to Soilborne wheat mosaic virus and Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus. L. Cadle-Davidson and G. C. Bergstrom, and T. S. Cox. 
30 November 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew on Corylus avellana caused by Phyllactinia guttata in Washington State. S. Hartney, D. A. Glawe, F. Dugan, and J. Ammirati. 
21 November 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Scabiosa columbaria (Dove Pincushions) Caused by Erysiphe knautiae in North America. D. A. Glawe and G. G. Grove. 
24 October 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew on Caragana arborescens and Caragana grandiflora in Alaska caused by Microsphaera (Erysiphe) palczewskii. D. A. Glawe and G. A. Laursen. 
17 October 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Phragmidium violaceum Infecting Himalaya and Evergreen Blackberries in North America. N. Osterbauer, A. Trippe, K. French, T. Butler, M. C. Aime, J. McKemy, W. L. Bruckart, T. Peerbolt, and D. Kaufman. 
23 September 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Rhabdocline Needlecast Increases Needle Loss of Douglas-fir Christmas Trees. R. M. Bates. 
16 September 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Phytophthora hibernalis: A New Pathogen on Rhododendron and Evidence of Cross Amplification with Two PCR Detection Assays for Phytophthora ramorum. C. Blomquist, T. Irving, N. Osterbauer, and P. Reeser. 
28 July 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Expansion of the Host Range of Impatiens necrotic spot virus to Peppers. R. A. Naidu, C. M. Deom, and J. L. Sherwood. 
27 July 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Mahonia aquifolium (Pursh.) Nutt. Caused by Erysiphe (Microsphaera) berberidis (DC.) Lév in Canada. S. Zhao and S. F. Shamoun. 
21 June 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Raspberry bushy dwarf virus in Ohio. M. A. Ellis, J. Kraus, R. R. Martin, and S. R. Wright. 
10 May 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Comparing Diagnostic Protocols for Phytophthora ramorum in Rhododendron Leaves. N. Osterbauer and A. Trippe. 
14 March 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Stripe Rust caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici on Wheat in Florida. A. R. Blount, S. A. Rizvi, R. D. Barnett, X. Chen, T. S. Schubert, W. H. Dankers, T. M. Momol, and W. N. Dixon. 
4 March 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Abnormal Leaf Development on White Oaks Linked to Drift of Chloroacetamide Herbicides. J. B. Samtani, J. B. Masiunas, and J. E. Appleby. 
21 February 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Association Between Delphinium and Peziza repanda. S. N. Wegulo, M. Vilchez, and J. Menge. 
14 February 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Carrot and Parsley Caused by Erysiphe heraclei in Washington State. D. A. Glawe, G. Q. Pelter, and L. J. du Toit. 
14 January 2005. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus in New Mexico. J. E. Allen, I. Kamenova, S. Adkins, and S. F. Hanson. 
5 January 2005. Public Summary | Article


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Opinions on issues impacting plant health maintenance  

Open Access Impact of Scholar (A New Post-harvest Fungicide) on the California Pomegranate Industry. E. C. Tedford, J. E. Adaskaveg, and A. J. Ott. 
16 February 2005. Article

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