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 Peer Reviewed Articles

Research affecting practical management recommendations.

Open Access Occurrence of Viroids in Commercial Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Production Areas of Washington State. K. C. Eastwell and M. E. Nelson.
27 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Sweet Potato Yield Reduction Caused by Reniform Nematode in the Mississippi Delta. C. A. Abel, L. C. Adams, and S. R. Stetina.
15 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Resistance to Myclobutanil in Populations of Venturia inaequalis in Winchester, Virginia. S. C. Marine, D. G. Schmale III, and K. S. Yoder.
13 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Tolerance of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Seedlings to Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides with Four Modes of Action. J. A. Kendig, R. L. Nichols, and G. A. Ohmes.
8 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Susceptibility of Some Lilac Cultivars and Other Members of the Oleaceae to Phytophthora ramorum. N. Shishkoff.
1 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Effects of Insecticides on Asian Citrus Psyllid (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) Populations in a Florida Citrus Grove. C. A. Powell, M. S. Burton, R. A. Pelosi, M. A. Ritenour, and R. C. Bullock.
1 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Potential Risk of Commercial Geranium to Infection by Puccinia pelargonii-zonalis. J. W. Buck.
31 October 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Distribution and Damage Caused by Root-Knot Nematodes on Soybean in Southwest Indiana. G. R. Kruger, L. Xing, J. B. Santini, and A. Westphal. 
31 October 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Occurrence of Ustilago striiformis in Dactylis glomerata Seed Production Fields in Oregon. S. C. Alderman, C. M. Ocamb, M. E. Mellbye, and M. S. Sedegui. 
23 October 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Pierce’s Disease in New Mexico. J. J. Randall, M. Radionenko, J. M. French, N. P. Goldberg, and S. F. Hanson. 
2 October 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Genetic Diversity of Lettuce for Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot Caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians. C. T. Bull, P. H. Goldman, R. Hayes, L. V. Madden, S. T. Koike, and E. Ryder. 
17 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Comparative Susceptibility of Plants Native to the Appalachian Range of the United States to Inoculation with Phytophthora ramorum. R. G. Linderman, P. B. de Sá, and E. A. Davis. 
17 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Impact of Soybean Planting Date on Soil Population Density of Macrophomina phaseolina. J. A. Wrather, J. G. Shannon, and A. Mengistu. 
17 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Phytophthora ramorum in Nursery Crop Tissue Culture Propagation. R. G. Linderman and E. A. Davis. 
22 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Comparative Host Susceptibility and Sporulation Potential of Phytophthora ramorum on Species, Cultivars, and Hybrids of Camellia. R. G. Linderman and E. A. Davis. 
22 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Use of Resistant Peanut Cultivars and Reduced Fungicide Inputs for Disease Management in Strip-Tillage and Conventional Tillage Systems. W. S. Monfort, A. K. Culbreath, K. L. Stevenson, T. B. Brenneman, and C. D. Perry. 
14 June 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access A Comparative Analysis of Diagnostic Protocols for Detection of the Asian Soybean Rust Pathogen, Phakopsora pachyrhizi. W. M. Jurick II, C. L. Harmon, J. Marois, D. L. Wright, K. Lamour, A. Vitoreli, T. Creswell, D. Hershman, C. Estevez, B. Kemerait, C. Balbalian, and P. F. Harmon. 
31 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Winter Cover Crops Reduce Bacterial Wilt of Flue-cured Tobacco. K. L. Ong, B. A. Fortnum, D. A. Kluepfel, and M. B. Riley. 
22 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Glomerella acutata on Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in Norway. V. Talgø, H. U. Aamot, G. M. Strømeng, S. S. Klemsdal, and A. Stensvand. 
9 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Estimated Economic Losses Associated with the Destruction of Plants Due to Phytophthora ramorum Quarantine Efforts in Washington State. N. L. Dart and G. A. Chastagner. 
8 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Occurrence of Begomovirus Associated with Yellow Vein Mosaic Disease of Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) in Northern India. R. Ghosh, S. Paul, A. Roy, J. I. Mir, S. K. Ghosh, R. K. Srivastava, and U. S. Yadav. 
8 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Post-hurricane Analysis of Citrus Canker II: Predictive Model Estimation of Disease Spread and Area Potentially Impacted by Various Eradication Protocols Following Catastrophic Weather Events. T. R. Gottwald and M. Irey. 
5 April 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access On-Farm Trial Assessing Efficacy of Three Insecticide Classes for Management of Stink Bug and Fruit Damage on Processing Tomatoes. E. M. Cullen and F. G. Zalom. 
23 March 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Desiccation at Ambient Temperature Effectively Preserves Plant Tissues Infected with Phytophthoras. F. S. Ockels, M. V. DiLeo, and P. Bonello. 
2 March 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Potential for Soybean Cyst Nematode Reproduction on Winter Weeds and Cover Crops in Tennessee. P. A. Donald, R. Hayes, and E. Walker. 
26 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Efficacy of Insecticides for Control of Insect Pests of Pearl Millet for Grain Production. G. D. Buntin, W. A. Hanna, J. P. Wilson, and X. Ni. 
19 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Pearl Millet as a Rotation Crop for Peanut. P. Timper, T. B. Brenneman, W. W. Hanna, and J. P. Wilson. 
2 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Potato Yield Increases Due to Fungicide Treatment in Argentinian Early Blight (Alternaria solani) and Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) Field Trials During the 1996-2005 Seasons. J. D. Mantecón. 
2 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Phytophthora Root Rot and Stem Canker Found on Nordmann and Subalpine Fir in Norwegian Christmas Tree Plantations. V. Talgø, M. L. Herrero, B. Toppe, S. S. Klemsdal, and A. Stensvand. 
19 January 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluation of Pathogenicity of Bipolaris and Curvularia spp. on Dwarf and Ultradwarf Bermudagrasses in Florida. M. O. Brecht, C. M. Stiles, and L. E. Datnoff. 
19 January 2007. Public Summary | Article

Issues impacting horticulture, agriculture, the environment, and society  

Open Access Citrus Huanglongbing: The Pathogen and Its Impact. T. R. Gottwald, J. V. da Graça, and R. B. Bassanezi. 
6 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Plant Pathogens at Work: Progress and Possibilities for Weed Biocontrol Classical versus Bioherbicidal Approach. C. B. Yandoc-Ables, E. N. Rosskopf, and R. Charudattan. 
22 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Plant Pathogens at Work: Improving Weed Control Efficacy. C. B. Yandoc-Ables, E. N. Rosskopf, and R. Charudattan. 
22 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Methods for identifying plant health problems and their causes  

Open Access Brown Stripe Downy Mildew (Sclerophthora rayssiae var. zeae) of Maize. M. L. Putnam. 
8 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Bacterial Diseases of Dry Edible Beans in the Central High Plains. R. M. Harveson, and H. F. Schwartz. 
22 January 2007. Public Summary | Article

Short reports on new findings and recommendations relevant to practitioners  

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ear) Caused by Neoerysiphe galeopsidis in North America. D. A.  Glawe and S. T. Koike. 
17 December 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Capsicum chlorosis virus in Tomato in India. S. Kunkalikar, S. Poojari, P. Rajagopalan, U. B. Zehr, R. A. Naidu, and R. S. Kankanallu. 
4 December 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Monarda didyma Infection with Impatiens necrotic spot virus in Washington State. R. A. Naidu, O. J. Alabi, G. Karthikeyan, and M. Nelson, and A. Morrell. 
19 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Characterization of a Severe Virus-like Disease in Chardonnay Grapevines in Missouri. W. Qiu, J. D. Avery, Jr., and S. Lunden. 
19 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Macrophomina phaseolina Causing Leaf and Stem Blight of Tropical Soda Apple in Florida. F. Iriarte, E. Rosskopf, M. Hilf, G. McCollum, J. Albano, and S. Adkins. 
15 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Powdery Mildew of Fringed Willowherb (Epilobium ciliatum) Caused by Podosphaera epilobii in North America. S. T. Koike and D. A. Glawe. 
12 November 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Expansion of the Range of Pierce’s Disease in Virginia. A. K. Wallingford, S. A. Tolin, A. L. Myers, T. K. Wolf, and D. G. Pfeiffer. 
4 October 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Hosta virus X Detected in Kansas. M. M. Kennelly, J. O’Mara, J. Pierzynski, B. Hilbert, and J. Appel. 
26 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Reemergence of Goss’s Wilt and Blight of Corn to the Central High Plains. T. A. Jackson, R. M. Harveson, and A. K. Vidaver. 
19 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Occurrence of Asian Soybean Rust Caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi in Mississippi. S. Li, W. F. Moore, B. L. Spinks, B. C. Wells, G. L. Sciumbato, S. J. Robinson, and L. Libous-Bailey. 
17 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Delayed Emergence, Stem Distortion, Stunting, and Foliar Symptoms Associated with Tobacco Rattle Virus and Paratrichodorus Allius in Potatoes Grown in the Pacific Northwest. S. L. Gieck, N. L. David, P. B. Hamm, J. M. Crosslin, and R. E. Ingham. 
17 September 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of the Natural Occurrence of Soybean Bacterial Wilt Isolates Pathogenic to Dry Beans in Nebraska. R. M. Harveson and A. K. Vidaver. 
22 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access High Recovery Rate of Phytophthora from Containerized Nursery Stock Pots at a Retail Nursery Highlights Potential For Spreading Exotic Oomycetes. N. L. Dart and G. A. Chastagner. 
16 August 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Colletotrichum acutatum Found on Apple Buds in Norway. J. Børve and A. Stensvand. 
22 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Increasing Outbreaks and Impact of Iris yellow spot virus in Bulb and Seed Onion Crops in the Imperial and Antelope Valleys of California. G. J. Poole, H. R. Pappu, R. M. Davis, and T. A. Turini. 
8 May 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Melampsora euphorbiae on Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) in Norway. H. B. Gjærum, V. Talgø, B. Toppe, M. L. Herrero, and A. Stensvand. 
23 April 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Phytophthora citricola Causes a Stem Canker in Black Walnut (Juglans nigra). J. Beckerman and G. Ruhl. 
20 April 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Detection of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus from Wampee (Clausena lansium Skeels) by Nested PCR. X. Deng, G. Zhou, H. Li, J. Chen, and E. L. Civerolo. 
19 April 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First North American Record of Powdery Mildew of Cleome hassleriana Caused by Leveillula taurica. R. Sampangi, D. A. Glawe, and S. K. Mohan. 
19 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access First Report of Fusarium circinatum, Causal Agent of Pitch Canker Disease, from the Roots of Mature Aleppo Pines in California. M. Garbelotto, W. Schweigkofler, and D. Shaw. 
19 February 2007. Public Summary | Article

from the sympoiusm: Increasing Concerns about Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwestern USA

Proceedings Home Page

Open Access Increasing Concerns about Corn Earworm Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwestern USA. W. D. Hutchison and R. A. Weinzierl.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evidence for Decreasing Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Midwestern United States. W. D. Hutchison, E. C. Burkness, B. Jensen, B. R. Leonard, J. Temple, D. R. Cook, R. A. Weinzierl, R. E. Foster, T. L. Rabaey, and B. R. Flood.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Helicoverpa zea Trends from the Northeast: Suggestions Towards Collaborative Mapping of Migration and Pyrethroid Susceptibility. S. Fleischer, G. Payne, T. Kuhar, A. Herbert, Jr., S. Malone, J. Whalen, G. Dively, D. Johnson, J. A. Hebberger, J. Ingerson-Mahar, D. Miller, and S. Isard.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Monitoring for Pyrethroid Resistance in Bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) Populations in Texas: Trends from 2003-2005. P. V. Pietrantonio, T. A. Junek, R. Parker, E. Bynum, G. Cronholm, G. Moore, D. Mott, C. Sansone, K. Siders, and N. Troxclair.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Alternatives to Pyrethroids for Managing Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn, Seed Corn, Tomatoes and Peppers. R. Weinzierl.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Potential Impact of Pyrethroid Resistance in Helicoverpa zea to the Midwest Processing Industry: Sweet Corn and Snap Beans. B. R. Flood and T. L. Rabaey.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Perspectives from the Crop Protection Industry: Suggestions for Collaborative Resistance Management. C. Savinelli, J. Immaraju, C. Schiller, D. Rogers, V. Pedibhotla, P. Robinson, M. Dekeyser, G. D. Thompson, B. Stanley, C. Staetz, R. Hummel, G. Head, J. Wrubel, J. Chamberlin.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Improving our Understanding of Helicoverpa zea Migration in the Midwest: Assessment of Source Populations. M. A. Sandstrom, D. Changnon, and B. R. Flood.
19 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

from the sympoiusm: The 5th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium: Today’s Students Preparing to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges in Epidemiology and Plant Disease Management

Proceedings Home Page

Open Access Introduction: The 5th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium. F. W. Nutter, Jr.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access An Application of Space-Time Analysis to Improve the Epidemiological Understanding of the Papaya-Papaya Yellow Crinkle Pathosystem. P. D. Esker, K. S. Gibb, P. M. Dixon, and F. W. Nutter, Jr.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Addressing the Gaps in our Knowledge of Grapevine Downy Mildew for Improved Forecasting and Management. M. M. Kennelly, D. M. Gadoury, W. F. Wilcox, P. A. Magarey, and R. C. Seem.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access The Aerobiology and Population Genetic Structure of Gibberella zeae. D. G. Schmale III, and G. C. Bergstrom.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Temporal Dynamics of Septoria Leaf Spot of Blueberry and its Relationship to Defoliation and Yield. P. S. Ojiambo, H. Scherm, and P. M. Brannen.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Evaluations of New and Current Management Strategies to Control Phomopsis Cane and Leaf Spot of Grape. M. Nita, , M. A. Ellis, L. L. Wilson, and L. V. Madden.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article

Open Access Spatiotemporal Spread of Potato virus S and Potato virus X in Seed Potato in Tasmania, Australia. S. J. Lambert, F. S. Hay, S. J. Pethybridge, and C. R. Wilson.
26 July 2007. Public Summary | Article


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