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Plant Health Progress, a member journal of the Plant Management Network, is a multidisciplinary science-based journal covering all aspects of applied plant health management in agriculture and horticulture. Both peer-reviewed and fully citable, the journal is a credible online-only publication. Plant Health Progress is a not-for-profit collaborative endeavor of the plant health community at large, serving practitioners worldwide. Its primary goal is to provide a comprehensive one-stop Internet resource for plant health information.


The goal of Plant Health Progress is to publish information in a way that is readily available to a wide readership that will use the information immediately. The journal is read by a diverse, international audience of plant health practitioners in public and private practice, as well as state, national, or international regulatory officials and public policy makers.

Editorial Board

Plant Health Progress is served by an editorial board composed of recognized scientific experts in the agricultural and horticultural sciences. As such, they and the qualified peers which they invite provide rigorous review for all submitted manuscripts. Prior to a decision, all manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers overseen by one of the journal's Senior Editors.


The impact of Plant Health Progress can be described in several ways. The journal is indexed by AGRICOLA, CAB Abstracts, Scopus, and Google Scholar.


  Unique visitors to Plant Health Progres numbered more than 130,000 in 2014.

  As an online peer-reviewed journal, some of the most highly read articles have received over 3,500 visits over a 12-month period.

Education and Outreach

  The journal is a resource of peer-reviewed information for extension recommendations.

  Regulatory decisions have been based on epidemiological research published in the journal.

  The journal is a resource for plant health management results for emerging pests and pathogens.

  Federal diagnostic procedures have been validated through published research.

  Diagnostic guides provide tools for pest identification and disease diagnosis.

  The occurrence of new diseases in a region or country is documented regularly.

  Publication of symposia provides practitioners with up-to-date plant health management information.

  The “PMN Crop News” section provides information on new products, label revisions, new approaches to plant health management and grower alerts to current pest and disease problems.

Journal Metrics

  First published in 2000

  Online, open access after 12 months

  Manuscripts published (year): 53 (2013)

  Long-term acceptance rate (year): 73%

Pamela D. Roberts