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A New Report for Downy Mildew [(Hyaloperonospora camelinae Gäum.) Göker, Voglmayr, Riethm., M. Weiss & Oberw. 2003] of Camelina [Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz] in the High Plains of the United States

R. M. Harveson, D. K. Santra, M. L. Putnam, M. Curtis, and A. D. Pavlista

October 2011


Camelina is a new oilseed crop in Nebraska with good potential as a source of biodiesel. While evaluating cultivars for adaptability and yield potential, an epidemic of downy mildew was observed in research plots in Scottsbluff, NE. The pathogen was identified as Hyaloperonospora camelinae through morphological characteristics and PCR assays. This is the first substantiated report for this disease in the High Plains of the United States.


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