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Resistance to Frogeye Leaf Spot in Selected Soybean Accessions in MG I through MG VI

A. Mengistu, J. Bond, M. A. R. Mian, R. Nelson, G. Shannon, A. Wrather

May 2012


Frogeye leaf spot (FLS) caused by Cercospora sojina Hara is a disease of soybean that causes significant seed yield loss in warm, humid environments worldwide. The Rcs3 gene in soybean has been reported to condition resistance to all known races of C. sojina. The objectives of this study were to: (i) identify maturity group (MG) I to VI accessions resistant to C. sojina race 11 by field screening at two locations; and (ii) determine if the FLS resistance of the symptomless soybean accessions is likely to be conditioned by the Rcs3 allele.


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