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Mixed Groundnut bud necrosis virus and Okra yellow vein mosaic virus Infection of Okra in India

K. Suresh, B. Babasaheb, K. Meera, R. Prem, and A. Radhamani

October 2012


To our knowledge, this is the first report of Groundnut bud necrosis virus (GBNV, genus Tospovirus) infection in okra and also its mixed infection with Okra yellow vein mosaic virus (OYVMV, genus Geminivirus) in India. It appears that the GBNV is expanding its host range from Fabaceae and Solanaceae families to crops belonging to Malvaceae family. The potential impact of mixed infection of GBNV and OYVMV on economical yield in okra warrants continuous monitoring of the diseases in field.


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