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Molecular Detection of Tobacco rattle virus in Bleeding Heart [Dicentra spectabilis (L.) Lem.] Growing in Alaska

N. L. Robertson

February 2013


Tobacco rattle virus (TRV) was detected in bleeding heart from South Central Alaskan home gardens in 2010-11. TRV M-type and NM-type isolates were confirmed from these symptomatic bleeding heart plants by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR polymerase chain reaction, protein, serological, and virus transmission assays. RNA1 was sequenced from one of the bleeding heart M-type isolates, and the nucleotide identity ranged from 91% to 94% when compared with six TRV isolates from potato, spinach, and alstroemeria. This is the first detection of TRV from D. spectabilis in Alaska. It is also the first time that M- and NM- type isolates have been distinguished from bleeding heart plants. The significance of these findings is that even though TRV infected plants containing NM-type isolates probably will not be spread to other plants by its specific nematode vector; vegetative propagated roots from TRV infected plants of either type of isolates will continue to be a source of diseased plants to home gardeners.


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