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Identification, Transmission, and Partial Characterization of a Previously Undescribed Flexivirus Causing a Mosaic Disease of Ash (Fraxinus spp.) in the USA

J. E. Machado-Caballero, B. E. Lockhart, S. L. Mason, and D. Mollov, and J. A. Smith

May 2013


A previously undescribed virus with flexuous filamentous particles 720 nm in length was associated with a mosaic disease of ash (Fraxinus spp.) occurring in Minnesota, Ohio, New York, and Illinois. White ash mosaic virus was identified in Minnesota in black ash trees showing symptoms of ash decline, a syndrome of wide occurrence and possible multiple etiology. Antibody and PCR-based protocols were developed for reliable detection of WAMV in ash and will be made available upon request.


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