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Sensitivity of Pseudoperonospora humuli (the Causal Agent of Hop Downy Mildew) from Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to Fosetyl-Al (Aliette)

M. E. Nelson, K. C. Eastwell, G. G. Grove, J. D. Barbour, C. M. Ocamb, and J. R. Alldredge

August 2004


Failures of fosetyl-Al (Aliette) to control hop downy mildew have recently occurred in northern Idaho and Oregon. To determine if resistance of the hop powdery mildew pathogen to the fungicide has developed, the sensitivity of P. humuli isolates from various hop-growing regions was compared to isolates from a research yard where exposure to fosetyl-Al had not occurred for at least 10 years. Fosetyl-Al was found to be about one-third to one-half as effective against isolates from commercial hop yards compared to isolates from the research yard.


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