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First Report of Phragmidium violaceum Infecting Himalaya and Evergreen Blackberries in North America

N. Osterbauer, A. Trippe, K. French, T. Butler, M. C. Aime, J. McKemy, W. L. Bruckart, T. Peerbolt, and D. Kaufman

September 2005


Phragmidium violaceum occurs on several species of Rubus, including R. armeniacus, R. fruticosus agg., and R. laciniatus, in Europe, South Africa, Iran, and Iraq, and has been introduced as a biological control agent for invasive blackberries in Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. To our knowledge, this is the first official report of P. violaceum infecting Himalaya and evergreen blackberries in North America.


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