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First Report of Powdery Mildew on Caragana arborescens and Caragana grandiflora in Alaska caused by Microsphaera (Erysiphe) palczewskii

D. A. Glawe and G. A. Laursen

October 2005


During August 2004, the authors surveyed sites in and near Fairbanks, AK for powdery mildew diseases and found a powdery mildew previously unreported in Alaska on two specimen plants of the introduced ornamental species Caragana arborescens Lam. (Siberian pea tree) and C. grandiflora DC. The causal agent was determined to be Microsphaera palczewskii Jacz. This report provides the first documentation of M palczewskii in AK and includes information on the morphology and taxonomy of this species.


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