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Field Evaluation of a Novel Lure for Trapping Seedcorn Maggot Adults

T. P. Kuhar, W. D. Hutchison, J. Whalen, D. G. Riley, J. C. Meneley, H. B. Doughty, E. C. Burkness, and S. J. Wold-Burkness

June 2006


An efficacious trap for seedcorn maggot (SCM) adults could aid in the management of this pest. White to yellow-tinted sticky cards are an effective and efficient trap for SCM adults, but synthetic, olfactory-stimulant lures have also recently become available. The authors conducted field experiments at four locations (Painter, Virginia; Georgetown, Delaware; Rosemount, Minnesota; and Tifton, Georgia) to evaluate the relative efficacy of the ChemTica Internacional P316 Seedcorn and Onion Maggot synthetic lures to attract Delia spp. flies.


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