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Managing Botrytis Gray Mold in Greenhouse Tomatoes Using Traditional and Bio-Fungicides

D. M. Ingram and C. W. Meister

July 2006


Eight fungicide products were evaluated over 3 yrs to compare their efficacy in managing Botrytis gray mold in greenhouse tomatoes. STBX-016, Decree 50 WG, and Serenade ASO significantly reduced gray mold in 2 of 3 yrs compared to the inoculated control. Milsana significantly reduced gray mold severity in only 1 of 3 yrs. Pristine and Switch reduced disease severity in the 1 yr tested but Scala and Prestop did not. Switch, Milsana, and STBX-016 significantly increased yield per plant in 1 of 3 yrs, as did Decree 50 WG in 2 of 3 yrs.


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