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Host Range of Itersonilia perplexans and Management of Itersonilia Petal Blight of China Aster

R. J. McGovern, H. Horita, C. M. Stiles, and T. E. Seijo

October 2006


Isolates of Itersonilia perplexans were tested for pathogenicity on 14 different plant species. Isolates from China aster and sunflower were each pathogenic to the other host and both isolates were pathogenic to chrysanthemum and gerbera, causing moderate to high incidences of flower or seedling blight in these hosts. Myclobutanil, potassium bicarbonate, and propiconazole were highly effective in reducing disease severity of petal blight in China aster, while azoxystrobin reduced disease moderately in fungicide evaluation trials.


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