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Hop Stunt Decline: A Disease or Disorder of Unknown Aetiology in Australian Hop Yards

S. J. Pethybridge, P. McGee, and P. Hamilton

January 2009


Hop stunt decline was first observed in commercial hop yards in northeastern Tasmania in 1991. Over the next seven years, the incidence of hop stunt decline increased and reductions in cone yield were estimated to be approximately 30%. The cause has not been elucidated, but the role of herbicides, soil physical properties, all described viruses and viroids affecting hop, phytoplasmas, deficiencies of molybdenum, manganese, boron and zinc, plant-parasitic nematodes, and soil-borne fungal diseases have been excluded. Planting with resistant (or tolerant) cultivars was successful at alleviating hop stunt decline.


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