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Potato Zebra Chip Disease: A Phytopathological Tale

J. M. Crosslin, J. E. Munyaneza, J. K. Brown, and L. W. Liefting

March 2010


Potato zebra chip (ZC) disease was first reported in Mexico in the 1990s and was causing serious economic damage in parts of Texas by 2004-2005. ZC is now widespread in the south-western and central United States, Mexico, Central America, and was recently reported in New Zealand. By 2006, there seemed to be an association between ZC and the potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli). The exact nature of the relationship, however, has only recently been identified by the discovery of a new Candidatus Liberibacter bacterium that is transmitted to potatoes, tomatoes, and other solanaceous hosts by the potato psyllid. This review examines the history of this disease, the association of ZC with the potato psyllid, the host range, and recent research into the bacterial pathogen.


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