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Ascochyta Blight of Peas

L. G. Skoglund, R. M. Harveson, W. Chen, F. Dugan, H. F. Schwartz, S. G. Markell, L. Porter, M. L. Burrows, and R. Goswami

March 2011


Field pea is an annual, cool-season legume native to northwest to southwest Asia. It was among the first crops cultivated by man. The crop is grown primarily in North Dakota, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and southern Canada. Ascochyta blight is a serious disease affecting above ground portions at all growth stages. Stem, crown, pod, and foliar diseases of pea are caused by a complex of Ascochyta pisi, Mycosphaerella pinodes, and Phoma pinodella. This paper reviews the disease and the pathogens involved.


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