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Cucurbit Downy Mildew ipmPIPE: A Next Generation Web-based Interactive Tool for Disease Management and Extension Outreach

P. S. Ojiambo, G. J. Holmes, W. Britton, T. Keever, M. L. Adams, M. Babadoost, et al.

April 2011


Cucurbit downy mildew (CDM), caused by Pseudoperonospora cubensis, is one of the most important diseases affecting cucurbits worldwide. In the USA, host resistance in cucumber had adequately controlled the disease with very minimal application of fungicides from the late 1960s to 2004. In 2004, there was a resurgence of the disease that devastated the cucumber crop in several states in the eastern USA. Since then, host plant resistance alone has not been sufficient to adequately control the disease and now control relies heavily on application of fungicides. To effectively apply fungicides in a timely manner, cucurbit growers, extension personnel, and crop consultants and advisors can now utilize information on disease occurrence and predicted spread disseminated through the United States Department of Agriculture’s CDM ipmPIPE decision support system developed by scientists at North Carolina State University.


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