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Sampling for Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Corn Strip Trials Comparing Nematode Management Products

G. L. Tylka, T. C. Todd, T. L. Niblack, A. E. MacGuidwin, and T. Jackson

September 2011


Protectant seed treatments are a new management option for plant-parasitic nematodes that feed on corn. Many growers and agribusiness personnel are conducting strip-trial comparisons of nematode seed treatments in growers’ fields. Yield monitors in combines and weigh wagons can be used to collect yield data from multiple-row strips that stretch across an entire field. But some growers and agribusiness personnel also want to assess plant-parasitic nematode populations in these strip trials to gauge whether the seed treatments are affecting nematode population densities (numbers). Drawing conclusions about the effects of treatments on numbers of plant-parasitic nematodes in strip trials is problematic because of the natural variability of nematode populations and their densities in the field. This guide discusses various points to consider about collecting samples to assess possible effects of treatments on population densities of plant-parasitic nematodes in strip trials.


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