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Evaluation of Soybean Genotypes for Resistance to Three Seed-borne Diseases

A. Mengistu, P. A. Arelli, N. Bellaloui, J. P. Bond, G. J. Shannon, A. J. Wrather, J. C. Rupe, P. Chen, C. R. Little, C. H. Canaday, M. A. Newman, and V. R. Pantalone

March 2012


Seed-borne diseases of soybeans caused by Phomopsis longicolla (Phomopsis seed decay), Cercospora kukuchii (purple seed stain), and M. phaseolina (charcoal rot) are economically important diseases that affect seed quality. Commercial cultivars marketed as resistant to all three diseases are not available. The objective of this study was to evaluate the reaction of 143 soybean genotypes in MG III, IV, and V to P. longicolla, C. kukuchii, and M. phaseolina. Identification of soybean genotypes resistant to seed-borne diseases will be valuable to soybean breeders in planning future selections.


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