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Heterogeneity of Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat: Multi-scale Distributions and Temporal Variation in Relation to Environment

A. B. Kriss, L. V. Madden, P. A. Paul, and X. Xu

July 2012


Fusarium head blight (FHB) is a serious disease of wheat, which is highly variable at several spatial and temporal scales. Different statistical approaches were used to either quantify or partially explain this heterogeneity. First, a generalized linear mixed model was fitted to hierarchical survey data for the incidence of FHB in Ohio. Estimated variance terms indicated large and significant spatial heterogeneity among counties and among fields within counties, with substantially lower variation among sites within fields. Second, window-pane analysis was used to investigate the effects of environment on the inter-annual variation in FHB in four United States (US) states and the spatio-temporal variation across three European countries.


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