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Downy Mildew from Lake Erie Vineyards is Diverse for the G143A SNP Conferring Resistance to Quinone Outside Inhibitor Fungicides

C. T. Gee, S. Chestnut, E. Duberow, A. Collins, and M. A. Shields

April 2013


Control of powny mildew in grape vineyards is carried out with a combination of host tolerance and chemical applications. Fungicides with a single mode of action possess a very high potential for the development of resistance. Resistance has been observed often in the QoI fungicides, such as strobilurins. We ascertained the levels of QoI resistance in downy mildew colonies on diseased leaves using CAPS-PCR to detect the glycine to alanine mutation (G143A) known to confer a qualitative level of resistance in fungal pathogens.


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