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Weed Species Not Impaired by Verticillium dahliae and Meloidogyne incognita Relationships that Damage Chile Pepper

S. Sanogo, J. Schroeder, S. Thomas, L. Murray, N. Schmidt, J. Beacham, C. Fiore, and L. Liess

September 2013


The objective of this study was to examine relationships among V. dahliae, M. incognita and individual plants of chile pepper, spurred anoda, Wright groundcherry, and tall morningglory. Specifically, the study assessed the effects of: (i) M. incognita and the four plant species on plant infection by V. dahliae; (ii) V. dahliae and M. incognita, separately or in combination, on height and biomass of the four plant species; and (iii) V. dahliae and plant species on M. incognita reproduction.


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