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Effect of Host Resistance to Fusarium virguliforme and Heterodera glycines on Sudden Death Syndrome Disease Severity and Soybean Yield

L. F. Brzostowski, W. T. Schapaugh, P. A. Rzodkiewicz, T. C. Todd, and C. R. Little

January 2014


Fusarium virguliforme, the soilborne fungus that causes sudden death syndrome (SDS), and Heterodera glycines, the soybean cyst nematode (SCN), are economically important pathogens that often occur concomitantly in Kansas soybean fields. The objectives of is study were: (i) to characterize the performance of soybean genotypes with and without resistance to SDS and SCN across multiple environments in Kansas; and (ii) to evaluate relationships between H. glycines and F. virguliforme population densities and the development of SDS symptoms in these environments.


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