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Severe Outbreak of the Emerging Soybean Viruses in Korea: An Increasing Threat

J. K. Seo, J. Y. Park, H. R. Kwak, M. K. Kim, M. Nam, S. H. Lee, J. S. Kim, and H. S. Choi

August 2014


To determine the current incidence of Soybean yellow mottle mosaic virus (SYMMV), Soybean yellow common mosaic virus (SYCMV), and Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) in Korea, a nationwide survey was performed in 2013. A total of 417 soybean samples with typical virus symptoms were collected from 9 large-scale soybean-cultivated areas. To identify viruses from the collected samples, RT-PCR was performed using specific primers for SMV, SYMMV, or SYCMV. To confirm the RT-PCR results, PCR products were purified and sequenced.


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