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Geosmithia morbida Found on Weevil Species Stenomimus pallidus in Indiana

J. Juzwik, M. T. Banik, S. E. Reed, J. T. English, and M. D. Ginzel

January 2015


The canker pathogen Geosmithia morbida is transmitted to Juglans species by the bark beetle Pityophthorus juglandis, and to lead to thousand cankers disease. In an Indiana-wide survey of ambrosia and bark beetles and weevils colonizing stressed Juglans nigra, G. morbida was detected on three Stenomimus pallidus weevils emerged from two trees on one site. This is the first report of the pathogen in Indiana and the first report of the fungus from an insect species other than P. juglandis.


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