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Identification of Diaporthe longicolla on Dry Edible Pea, Dry Edible Bean, and Soybean in North Dakota

F. M. Mathew, L. A. Castlebury, K. Alananbeh, J. G. Jordahl, C. A. Taylor, S. M. Meyer, R. S. Lamppa, J. A. Pasche, and S. G. Markell

April 2015


North Dakota soybean production has expanded geographically, and possible short rotations with with dry edible bean and pea raise concerns of pathogens (such as Diaporthe longicolla, cause of Phomopsis seed decay and stem disease of soybean) developing overlapping host ranges. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of D. longicolla causing stem disease on dry edible beans and dry edible peas, and stem disease on soybean in North Dakota. Its impact on dry edible beans and dry edible peas is uncertain.


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