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Recovery Plan for Laurel Wilt on Redbay and Other Forest Species Caused by Raffaelea lauricola and Disseminated by Xyleborus glabratus

M. A. Hughes, J. A. Smith, R. C. Ploetz, P. E. Kendra, A. E. Mayfield III, J. L. Hanula, J. Hulcr, L. L. Stelinski, S. Cameron, J. J. Riggins, D. Carrillo, R. Rabaglia, J. Eickwort, and T. Pernas

November 2015

Recovery Plans

Laurel wilt is a highly destructive disease affecting members of the Lauraceae in the United States and has now been detected in seven southeastern states, causing significant mortality to redbay populations. Loss of redbay has had significant effects on forest composition, and several other species in the plant family Lauraceae have been affected by the disease to varying degrees. Eradication of the insect vector and pathogen is improbable, and spread of the disease into new areas remains a threat. It is essential to continue monitoring the spread of the disease, and to develop a better understanding of the biology and epidemiology of the disease.


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