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Effect of Foliar Fungicides on Hail-damaged Corn

A. J. Sisson, Y. R. Kandel, A. E. Robertson, C. E. Hart, A. Asmus, S. N. Wiggs, and D. S. Mueller

January 2016


The goal of this study was to determine if there was a benefit of a fungicide application to hail-damaged corn. Therefore, the objectives were to: (i) examine the effect of hail damage at two mid-season (VT and R2) growth stages on foliar disease severity and yield; and (ii) to determine if a fungicide applied after hail damage at an “immediate” or “deferred” timing reduced foliar disease severity or improved yield. In addition to comparing yield and disease results, the profitability of fungicide use in hail-damaged corn was also considered.


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